Why You Should Visit the True Nature Healing Arts Spa in Colorado

I know that being the best of anything is such a strong statement, but I’m not playing around when it comes to this unique spa in Colorado. It truly is the best I’ve ever been to.

Before I left for my 30th birthday trip with Escape Campervans, I planned to do an outrageous spa package and pay what I’ve never paid before for the relaxation and luxury. So I looked for the best one I could find in the state of Colorado.

My trip started in Breckenridge where I went snowboarding, but I had every intention of making a trip down to Carbondale, Colorado. It was a place my father had spent much of his life and so I wanted to see it. When I researched spas in the area, I came across many good candidates in Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and Carbondale but I settled on one particular spa in particular, True Nature Healing Arts.

As I dove into their website to see what they had to offer, what I found was much more than a spa retreat. It was a center for healing as well. The facility is equipped with stunning architecture, a quaint cafe, comfy seating areas, a beautiful peace garden, and songs and hushed voices that will put you to sleep. Their menu of services was massive, so I won’t be going over all of them. You can see every bit of awesome they have here.

I went directly for the spa packages to see which ones I felt would be the best for me during this point in my life. There were many options with a variety of different services that cater to exactly what you need to enhance your relaxation and prices for spa packages vary from $275 to $425 depending on how extravagant you get.

For me, I went with the Bliss Package, coming in at $325 for 150 minutes of pure relaxation. Well worth the investment (we invest too much in too many things that aren’t good for us). Below is what was featured in my spa package so you have an idea of what you can expect, should you decide to make the journey there.

The True Nature Healing Arts Atmosphere

True Nature Healing Art Spa in Colorado
Photo Credit True Nature Healing Arts

When I first walked into the building, the lobby and gift shop area held a golden glow and there was a trickling waterfall upon entering. To the left is a small cafe where you can purchase snacks and meals that are good for the body. The whole establishment was playing very soothing songs and I could immediately feel myself relax upon entering.

Once you check in, they direct you to a seating area with comfy cushions and soft lighting to help you stay relaxed. And just outside the window, you’ll be accompanied by Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

What is the Bliss Package?

True Nature Healing Arts Spa in Colorado
Photo Credit True Nature Healing Arts

“This deluxe combination of Ayurvedic treatments will take you on a sacred and unforgettable journey. Beginning with Garshana, an invigorating silk glove exfoliation, which prepares your skin to soak in the warm herbal oil of an Abhyanga massage. This nourishing massage includes Marma energy point therapy, hot compresses, high vibration anointing oils, and a hot-oil scalp massage.

The Bliss Package closes with the crown jewel of Ayurvedic therapies, Shirodhara – a continuous flow of warm oil upon the 3rd eye, opening this door to consciousness, inducing a relaxed meditative state. Shirodhara is a potent treatment, offering a wealth of benefits for the brain and nervous system, including relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, headaches and more. The Bliss Package is the ultimate gift of self-care and can be a powerful support to any seasonal cleanse.” – True Nature Healing Arts

Pre-Massage Ormus Ritual Bath

Ormus Ritual Bath at True Nature Healing Arts Spa in Colorado
Photo Credit True Nature Healing Arts

I asked to replace the Garshana with a ritual bath because I love baths. Typically, the bliss package will come with the silk glove exfoliation, but if this isn’t for you, call them first before booking. I try not to intrude on their spa packages too much because I’m sure they have their reasons for why they created these experiences, so keep that in mind when you are booking.

My bath was in a massive stainless steel tub, fit for 1 or 2 people. You can choose between two heavenly soaks, the Ormus Ritual bath or the Milk and Honey Ritual bath. Both serve different purposes, but I chose the Ormus Bath.

This particular soak includes aromas of Rose, Frankincense, and Jasmine. This bath will also include a combination of pink mineral salts like Pink Himalayan, Peruvian Pink, and Bolivian Rose salts, which aid in unifying your body, mind, and spirit. And they even add a handful of rose petals as well.

Abhyanga Full Body Massage

Massage at True Nature Healing Arts in Colorado
Photo Credit True Nature Healing Arts

I like to take this time to advise people to go completely naked for this. I know some people just wear underwear during massages because they feel self-conscious of being practically naked under a blanket, but it really is freeing and relaxing to be completely nude. That being said, do what makes you feel comfortable.

Abhyanga is a massage that uses light to medium pressure while also using warm oils to soothe the body. Throughout the massage, she also made sure to pay attention to balancing my chakras. Sheryl, my spa attendant, would pour the warm oil from the tips of my fingers to the top of my shoulder while smoothing it on my skin – seriously such an incredible feeling.

Using the warm oils increases the circulation, lubricates joints, nourishes the skin and calms the nerves. Sheryl also did an incredible hot oil scalp massage and Marma point acupressure to help my body’s energy flow. This massage went on for over an hour, which felt like days.

Shirodhara Third Eye Treatment

Shirodhara Hot Oil Treatment

This was the sole purpose I chose this package. Being that I am a very spiritual person who is constantly working to keep my creative self open, I knew this third eye hot oil treat would be a great asset to me. The Shirodhara treatment aids in tapping into your consciousness and places you in a meditative state.

This treatment also helps with headaches, insomnia, and relieves anxiety. The oil flows out of this golden pot that hangs above your forehead and while at first, it feels strange, it is truly an ineffable and pleasant feeling.

Singing Bowls and Chakra Alignment

Singing Bowl Therapy at True Nature Healing Arts

Sheryl, my delightful attendant, finished off my massage with a balancing of chakras and one of my favorite sounds of all time, singing bowls. The vibrational sound of the bowls is such a powerful sensation that is best to enjoy after 150 minutes of pure relaxation. She rung the bowls several times around the room while I still lay on the table, my hair and body covered with aromatherapy oils.

After she completed everything, she whispered Happy Birthday in my ear. Like, the sweetest thing ever.

Showers and Saunas

Showers and Saunas at True Nature Healing Arts in Colorado
Photo Credit True Nature Healing Arts

Once you have finished your spa package, you are welcome to sit in the sauna for a short time and take a shower in the shower space provided in your personal spa room. They provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and towels for your convenience. There is also a bench in the shower space if you feel too relaxed to stand up.

Once I was showered and dressed, I met Sheryl in the lobby outside the room. I was provided with hot tea and water and was told I should hydrate significantly. I gave Sheryl a hug and thanked her for her incredible service.

Post Spa Smoothie

True Nature Healing Arts Cafe
Photo Credit True Nature Healing Arts

I knew I would make it a point to try something delightful from their cafe, but since it was so close to their closing, I didn’t want to trouble the staff with making something. Instead, I opted for a smoothie. They are delightful and I highly recommend them.

I chose the Amethyst smoothie with raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, banana, acai, lemon, honey, and almond milk. It was the perfect treat to my body after everything I just experienced. You can see their full menu at the cafe here.

This place is pure magic for the soul. I plan to make it a point to visit once a year around my birthday or whenever I see fit. I recommend this place to anyone and think the trip from wherever you are in Colorado is well worth it.

If you liked this post or have been there, please leave a comment about your experience.