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Before I start talking about the history of myself, I want to tell you, first and foremost, that I have created this site for YOU. My goal is to inspire you to see the world more, take amazing risks, and create incredible memories.

So who is Travel Branyik?

Let’s go back real quick.

Florence, Colorado was the hometown to three bright “Branyik kids” who grew up to be pretty cool adults. They grew up in their parent’s video store and computer store, which quickly gained them the name “the Branyik kids.” As you would imagine, they got pretty good at video games, watching movies, and learning about computers. But Florence was a small town and didn’t often encourage people to adventure. All three of the Branyik Kids grew up in a creative environment enforced by their mother and learned that they were much larger than this community. When the Branyik kids grew up, they scattered across the nation and world to fulfill their passions in life.

In their youth, their mother exposed them to acting and theatre classes, dance, art, music, and the great outdoors taking them on trips every year. Their mother, and step-father (but really we call him dad), took them on trips around the country, which became a yearly ritual. Their exposure to travel led them to live in may great places across the nation and world. Now, the oldest of the three is a man with a love for crafting excellent cuisines – The Culinary Branyik. The youngest is a woman with a love for music and a rockstar voice – The Musical Branyik. The middle child, well, she had a great love for writing and travel – The Travel Branyik.

About Travel Branyik

My name is Kelly and I’m the Travel Branyik. Believe it or not this is the third website I have owned in my entire life, so hopefully, I have it down by now. I am a woman of various talents that I have spent years trying to consolidate into one place. And finally, I was able to consolidate all that I am as a person on one website. I run solely on Chinese loose leaf tea, writing, and sausage breakfast burritos. I have small Manx cat, named Sugar, and I enjoy things like seeing the world, much like many of you.

I am a writer, voluntourist, and travel coach with digital marketing, copywriting, and production experience. Prior to that, I completed an exciting tour with Peace Corps in China from 2014 to 2016, which was a journey I couldn’t help but blog about. That journey taught me Mandarin Chinese, what ‘real’ Chinese food is, and a new way to love people. Before that, I studied English (Creative Writing) at Colorado State University-Pueblo, and while that doesn’t sound like the best school in the world, I certainly had the best professors.

I’ve had a love for travel and writing since I was in the 3rd grade and drew the best web outline in English class (no joke). My teacher hung that sucker up on the wall as a model for the other kids to follow, and I remember feeling proud that day, and knowing that I would be a writer when I grew up.

My Background in Writing

When I got to college, I studied all things English from Nature Writing to Rhetorical Theory before soon discovering I wanted to be a novelist and journalist. And upon my final years in school, I studied abroad in France and Spain, which only confirmed what I already knew, that I wanted to travel and write.

Since the 3rd grade, I have written for Pueblo PULP, PRO Motion Music News, blogged my way through Peace Corps China, freelanced for companies around the nation, and now I write TV and Radio ad copy for the largest auto group on the Front Range. I am also the author of It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps and the upcoming novel Wintersweet.


Kelly Branyik is the founder of Travel Branyik, which was originally known as Propitious Panda. Some of her favorite authors include Kristin Hannah, Sherman Alexie, and Khaled Hosseini. She is the daughter of Children’s Book Author, Kathleen S. Kennedy and Spiritual Awakener, Jim Solo. She is sister to the Musician Branik and her brother Vilmos Branyik.

See my work as a published author or my portfolio!

Where I’ve Been

I’m busy working on filling my map up, and hoping to help you do the same, see below for the incredible places I’ve already been!

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