About Travel Branyik

About Travel Branyik

She stopped wearing makeup a long time ago, her lifestyle is a combination of budgeting and splurging during appropriate times, and everything seems to be perfectly imperfect in her world. This is Kelly and she is Travel Branyik. Kelly is a woman of various talents, runs solely on Chinese loose leaf tea, writing, and sausage breakfast burritos.

She grew up in Florence, Colorado, the antique capital of the state, and while she spent some time away from home, she somehow found her way back to Colorado.

She is a Colorado travel blogger with a passion for all things Travel Colorado from outdoors, glamping, camping, food, and activities with the occasional adventure outside of her niche. She is the mother of a small Manx cat, named Sugar, and enjoys seeing new things in the world, much like her readers. She spent most of her childhood taking long road trips and camping trips with her family around the country.

She is a writer, traveler, foodie, and by no means, a girly girl. She has experience with digital marketing, copywriting, and production. Prior to that, she completed an exciting tour with Peace Corps in China from 2014 to 2016, blogging about the experience along the way. That journey taught her Mandarin Chinese, what ‘real’ Chinese food is, and a new way to love people. It was during her adventure as a Peace Corps Volunteer that she first started blogging.

About Travel Branyik

Her Background in Writing

Kelly studied English (Creative Writing) at Colorado State University-Pueblo, and while that doesn’t sound like the best school in the world, she certainly had the best professors. Kelly studied all things English from Nature Writing to Rhetorical Theory before soon discovering she wanted to be a novelist and journalist. And upon my final years in school, she studied abroad in France and Spain, which only confirmed what she already knew, that she wanted to travel and write.

She has written for Pueblo PULP, PRO Motion Music News, blogged her way through Peace Corps China and freelanced for companies around the nation. She is also the author of It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps and the upcoming novel Wintersweet.

Kelly Branyik is the founder of Travel Branyik, which began in early 2018. Some of her favorite authors include Kristin Hannah, Sherman Alexie, and Khaled Hosseini. She is the daughter of Children’s Book Author, Kathleen S. Kennedy and Spiritual Awakener, Jim Solo. She is sister to the Musician Branik and her brother Vilmos Branyik.

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