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Travel Branyik has been featured on many other platforms to primarily speak to her time as a solo female traveler and her time in Peace Corps. Below are some interesting articles about my journey as an author and traveler. If you haven’t read anything about me or my experience quite yet, read more here.

Learning Mandarin Chinese as Explained by a Peace Corps Volunteer

Learning Mandarin Chinese as Explained by a Peace Corps Volunteer

A few years ago, I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in China. I joined the Peace Corps with the desire to travel, help the world, and blog about it. Along the way, I learned a ton about Chinese culture, and I traveled a lot. Most of the adventures I’ve had in China wouldn’t have been possible (or at least, not nearly as interesting) without knowing the language. Read my recent article published on Fluent in 3 Months!

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Expatriate Act Podcast: An Interview with Kelly Branyik

Kelly Branyik sits down with Keith Petit From Expatriate Act Podcast to talk all things Peace Corps China. They discuss topics from community interaction to school and student dynamics and even talk about what it’s like to return home. Click above to hear more of Kelly’s interview or click below to listen to more podcasts from Keith the Expatriate Act.

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Peace Corps & Beyond: A Conversation with Kelly

Peace Corps and Beyond An Interview with Kelly Branyik

Author, content designer, and world traveler Kelly Branyik returned from a two-year service in China with the Peace Corps in 2016. Since returning, she has launched a website, works as a copywriter and production coordinator, and authored a Peace Corps what-to-expect handbookIt Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps.

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Florence Grad Teaches in China

When she left to serve with the Peace Corps 26 months ago, Kelly Branyik was expecting to travel to China where she would spend the next two years impacting the lives of youth.

However, it ended up being her life that significantly was changed.

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Florence Graduate Applies to Peace Corps

Kelly Branyik’s mission is to one day learn the languages and cultures of as many different countries as possible.

The first step of her mission begins Thursday when she boards a plane for the first leg of her trip to China with the Peace Corps, where she will spend the next two years.

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Florence Grad Talks Peace Corps Through Books

With the Peace Corps, Florence High School graduate Kelly Branyik traveled to China to teach native students English for two years.

But now that she’s out, Branyik is using something she has been doing her entire life to help others.

“I have been a writer since as long as I can remember and it’s been one of those things that I have always wanted to do with my life,” Branyik said.

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Interview With Pink Pangea

The Peace Corps is a volunteer program run by the Government of the United States. For anyone who has considered joining, or who has volunteered with the Peace Corps, the term “it depends” will surely resonate. Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) completing two years of service could be placed in a congested city, in the middle of a desert or in a small beach town.

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Peace Corps Stories

I had spent the two-day travel time from Los Angeles International Airport to Chengdu, Sichuan, with a fellow Peace Corps China trainee who had six years’ worth of Mandarin under her belt. We had lunch together in the city after arriving and after that, I was on my own.

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Traveling Alone in China

I sat on a bench just at the end of the thick stone bridge overlooking the icy, white Houhai Lake. The day was bright. Even brighter with the hazy sky against it. The iced lake looked like a thick layer of clouds and I was at the edge of a cliff. Just to the left of me was a line of trees hugging the edge I imagined I was on. The famous Marble Boat of Beijing’s Summer Palace was docked just near the edge of the bridge, anchored in by the thick ice.

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The sky is grey, the air damp, and a stinging cold bites at my cheeks making them a rosy pink color. I sniff in the runny nose driven by the cold and burrow in to the warmth of my winter coat. This isn’t Colorado and thankfully, it doesn’t snow in Chongqing, but still the dull skies leave a chilling feeling much like they did in Colorado. I had never lived in a place where the Wintersweet sun… rarely came out.

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