My Top Picks for Burrito & Taco Restaurants in Colorado

So, I have an obsession with tacos and burritos. In fact, I’m on a constant search for the best restaurants with these two delicious treats in the area I travel to. And being from Colorado/living in Colorado, there are handfuls of places that are ready and willing to stuff your cute face with delicious burrito and taco heaven.

Over the years, I have collected an array of burrito and taco places I can keep in my back pocket for days when I’m traveling, passing through, or staying over somewhere.

Below is a list of my favorite burrito and taco places in Colorado (thus far). This is an ongoing list!

Monica’s Taco Shop – Colorado Springs, CO

Monica’s Taco Shop is one of the top restaurants on my list these days and simply because their flavor is glorious. I usually get the sausage breakfast burrito and add potato. Monica’s Taco Shop as been named Best of Springs by the Colorado Springs Gazette for multiple years, coming in hot at second place. When you get one, don’t forget to have some red sauce with it.

Coyote Coffee Den – Penrose, CO

I’ve been coming to Coyote Coffee Den since I was in high school to grab breakfast burritos. And while it is located a little bit outside of the area, people have no problem making the drive to grab a bit of delicious breakfast burrito. You can choose Bacon, Sausage or just plain Egg and it will be stuffed with their homemade green chili. Wash that all down with a cup of coffee and you will be ready for your day.

Torchy’s Tacos – Denver, CO

Torchy’s Tacos is a little gem out of Houston, Texas that made it’s way to Denver not long ago, and it is increasingly becoming my favorite place to splurge on tacos. Although on the pricey end, you’ll be dreaming of your Trailer Park, Brushfire, and Crossroads tacos. They have some pretty amazing roasted corn as well. If you’re ever in Denver, it’s conveniently located off I-25 on Arapahoe Road.

Amanda’s Fonda – Colorado Springs, CO

I used to spend a lot of time at Amanda’s Fonda for Taco Tuesday. Their street tacos are just $2 per taco for chicken, pork or beef. Wash that down with a house margarita, which is also on special, and you got yourself a cheap night of delicious tacos.

El Reynaldo’s – Canon City, CO

El Reynaldo’s is your average whole in the wall Mexican food place but has the best breakfast burritos in town on my opinion. For $5.88 you can get a massive breakfast burrito of your choosing. They also offer some of the most outstanding nacho plates.

Adolfo’s – Pueblo, CO

These guys are open 24/7 and most of their clientele are the late night partiers in Pueblo. You’ll see Adolfo’s packed between 10 pm and 3 am on any given day. They are most famous for their delicious California burritos and their bacon breakfast burritos, and they are huge!

King Chef’s Diner – Colorado Springs, CO

King Chef’s Diner  is on of many Colorado Springs restaurants that has been around for decades and usually has a line out the door. They are only open for breakfast and lunch on any given day. But for breakfast, they offer a variety of items that will fill you to the gills, including their smothered breakfast burritos. King’s Chef’s diner has been on a few TV shows like Outrageous Foods and Al Roker’s Diner Destinations.

These are a few of my favorite list of places (which will probably grow the more I explore my home state). And if you can’t tell already, I’m a foodie. To read more about my other food blogs, visit my post on Chongqing Style foods in China. Tell me your favorite burrito and taco restaurants and I’ll go try them out and potentially add them to my list!