6 of the Best Feminine Products for the Female Extended Traveler

Just because we’re traveling doesn’t mean Aunt Flow doesn’t do her part to tag along. Solo female travelers don’t always travel alone I guess. Your period doesn’t have to be a thing that stops you from enjoying your journeys.

Look, I know this is a weird blog post to touch on, but let’s be practical here, many of us will be traveling while on our periods, especially if we’re travelers who haven’t been to home base in months.

best feminine products for traveling

By now you’ve probably already picked out feminine products that you’ve been using for years, but what if there is a better alternative, especially for traveling? If it’s convenient, easier to pack, and convenient to manage, why not give it a shot.

So below are some of the options I think are worthy of exploring and why I think they are a good option! They are in no particular order, but I will have my reasons for why I choose them. I have covered all forms of feminine products, but if there is one particular product you have used and loved as a traveler, share in the comments below!

Diva Cup

I love the Diva Cup because it is the most hygienic option available to women and it saves you tons of money buying other feminine products. And for the price of it, you will definitely get months and maybe even a few years of use out of it before you have to purchase another one. They are super easy to clean and can be boiled in baking water and soda for 10 minutes after each use. Also with these, you are unlikely to see very many leaks.

  • Pros: Less chemicals are used to make the product, cost-effective, it’s easy to pack, and very hygienic.
  • Cons: You’ll need a sink or a bottle of water nearby when it’s time to change it out, heavy flows will need to change out more frequently


Softcups are another cheap and easy option for women who want to stay on the more hygienic side of things but don’t have the time or place to manage cleaning their Diva Cup. You can toss them once you’ve used them and you can avoid other things like risks Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

  • Pros: Easy to pack, hygienic, easy to dispose of, no cleaning necessary.
  • Cons: Have to pack multiple if you’re going on long trips

OB Tampons

Before I got on board with the Diva Cup, I was using OB Tampons. What I love about them is they are incredibly small and great for packing in a toiletry bag. OB Tampons are very cost effective and a great option for those with limited space in their bag, or simply for a backup option in case of an emergency.

  • Pros: Cost Effective, super compact, comes in multiple levels of absorbance.
  • Cons: Applicator free, will have to pack multiple if you’re traveling a long while, not good for those with sensitivity to their ingredients.

Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons

These Seventh Generation tampons are made specifically for women who are sensitive to tampons. These feminine products are made with certified organic cotton, they are hypoallergenic, and made without fragrances. The applicator also comes with a BPA-free applicator that is made with 95% eco-based ingredients.

  • Pros: Easily disposable, friends to your health, multiple levels of absorbance offered
  • Cons: Will have to pack multiple if you’re going on long journeys, a little more expensive for the packaged amount.

Playtex Sport Tampons

Playtex Sport tampons were designed for women who are extremely active in their everyday lives. And if you’re constantly running around during your trip, chances are you will need the feminine products to make sure nothing unexpected happens during your period. They also offer 360-degree protection which helps counter any leaks.

  • Pros: Great for intensely active travelers, easily disposable, cost-effective
  • Cons: Must pack many for longer trips, not a great option for sensitive women

Playtex Sport Pads

I’m not a big pad user and haven’t used them for years, but I know many women out there simply can’t stomach using a tampon, so don’t worry ladies, I’m talking to you too. For those especially active and using pads, your feminine products no doubt need to be the best to avoid unwanted accidents. For traveling women, I would choose the Playtex Sport pads because they are specifically designed for very active women.

  • Pros: Easy to pack, cost-effective, multiple absorbencies, easily disposable
  • Cons: Must pack many for longer trips, has a greater chance of leaks or mishaps

So there you have it! My top picks for the feminine products that will make traveling easier for you. Also ladies, if you want extra protection on your travels and you’re a cup or tampon user, pack some panty liners for the trip just in case!

If you enjoyed this blog post, check out some of my other travel essentials for when I’m making my journeys. Do you have a better option? Share your comments below!