How to Travel Solo to Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of those magical places you always see as a sample photo when you buy a new computer, am I right?! Well, there is much more to Antelope Canyon, which I would’ve never known without the power of the Google.

Kayaking in Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona

For Labor Day weekend, I was afforded a four-day weekend and was sure as hell going to do something with it. I decided I would go to a place I had always dreamed of visiting. My family and I traveled around the nation a lot when we were younger, but somehow never seemed to make our way to the Grand Canyon.

When I returned home from Peace Corps in 2016, I was determined to see more of my home country, especially those places I didn’t see growing up. I planned my trip from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Page, Arizona with intent to feast my eyes on the Grand Canyon and Kayak through Antelope Canyon.

What Kind of Camping Gear Do I Need?

My planning wasn’t much of anything, but me saying, “I’m going to drive to Arizona and camp for four days.” Sounded simple, because I made it simple. and if you are looking to go glamping, this may not be the trip for you. I spent less than $200 to make this trip happen, and I did it in no time at all. Below is a breakdown of the items I carried to make this trip what it was.

  • One-Person Tent
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Camp Stove and Dishes
  • Folding Chair
  • Enough clothing for two days

COST: $0

I got most of this gear from my father, who was an avid bowhunter back in the day. Everything was in pretty decent condition and already ready to go. However, if you need to purchase new gear, make sure to check out REI to get the good stuff.

What Kind of Food Should I Pack?

Since it was just me, and I am easy to please, I packed things I knew I would like and I knew would give me fuel for this incredible outdoor journey. I also knew I would be spending much time outside, so I would need enough water to keep me hydrated. Choose whatever you want to get you through the trip. Below is what I decided to carry for nourishment.

  • Great Value Natural Peanut Butter – $4.20
  • Great Value Whole Wheat Bread – $1.78
  • Two Packages of Bologna – $2.00
  • One Package of Berry Flavored Propel Beverage Mix (10 ct) – $4.78
  • One Bag of Mini Carrots (32 oz bag) – $2.74
  • One Package of Generic Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Oatmeal (10 ct) – $2.48
  • Sam’s Life Bottled Water (28-Pack) – $6.18

COST: $24.16

Where Should I Stay in Page, Arizona?

Lone Rock Beach Campground in Utah at Sunrise.

There are many places you can stay in Page, Arizona, and plenty of hotels to choose from. Since I wanted to camp, I opted for a campsite close to Page, just over the Utah border. The campground was called Lone Rock Beach, a primitive campground (no showers or bathrooms, just port-o-potties) and void of individual campsites. People arrived and found their site on a first come, first serve basis.

Lone Rock Beach gets its name from the massive rock hundreds of feet high standing lonely out in the middle of Lake Powell Waters. People love this campground for its sandy beaches and access to unlimited hours of water sports. You are welcome to bring your boat, wakeboard, water skis, and whatever else you have in mind for a camping trip.

Lone Rock Beach is technically part of the National park area, so you will have to pay to stay in the area, but in my opinion, it is completely worth it. And if you have a boat, jet ski, or can make friends with someone who owns either of those, you can also take a trip into Lone Rock Canyon. Below is what I spent to stay at Lone Rock Beach.

  • Lone Rock Beach Camp Site (3 Nights) – $42
  • National Park Fee – $25

COST: $47

What Kind of Activities Can I Do in Page, Arizona?

Kayak Rental From Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks
I went for the sole purpose of seeing the Grand Canyon and kayaking into Antelope Canyon, but there is plenty to do if you have enough time to do it. This part of Arizona is great for hiking. One place I did not get to visit was the Toadstools, a pretty hike for those of you who are into that kind of recreation.

Kayaking in Antelope Canyon

Before I left, I researched ways I could see Antelope Canyon without spending close to $100. I came across Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks, a business that rents kayak and paddleboard gear to you for a full day.

Through Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks, you can rent a paddleboard for $40 a day or a kayak for $30. The prices of your rental will include car racks, paddles, life jackets, and seats (if you are renting a kayak). If you don’t want to travel solo during your kayak trip, you can rent a two-person kayak for $45, for a full day.

Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks will reduce the price of your kayak or paddleboard rental if you are looking to rent for several days at a time.

Be mindful that when you are going out on the water, you should pack snacks, plenty of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, good sandals, waterproof camera and a towel.

If you arrive the day before you’re scheduled to rent your kayak, you can go into the store and sign your waiver. The owners will recommend you leaving incredibly early in the day so you can avoid boat traffic and see Antelope Canyon at the most beautiful time of day.


Seeing the Grand Canyon

Seeing the Grand Canyon will take you almost no time unless you would like to stare into the bright abyss and contemplate your life. If you are planning on traveling with small children, be extra careful because there are no railings near the edge and it’s a long way down.

The Grand Canyon is a great place to snap some panoramic shots of one of the great natural wonders of this world, so make sure you bring a good camera with you. Selfie sticks are encouraged.

There is no entrance fee to see this beautiful piece of land, but we do recommend bringing enough water, just in case you plan to sit in the sun and admire the canyon for a few hours. Wear a pair of good hiking shoes, because the terrain is mostly sand.

Try not to fall in.

  • Kayak Rental for the day – $30 (Full-Day)
  • Seeing the Grand Canyon – Free!

COST: $30

Anything Else?

I started this trip using my GPS to navigate from Colorado Springs to Arizona, but it was an easy trip to take and didn’t require a lot of twists and turns.

My phone was plugged in during the entire trip, and I had my navigation going to whole time, but around the same time I arrived at The Four Corners, I started losing service. Thinking it was just a bad area, I brushed it off and continued driving. Luckily, lack of service didn’t make me lose my GPS route.

Much time had gone by when I realized, I had no cell service anywhere in this area, and there was not a building to be found for an hour and a half.

When I arrived in Page, I stopped at the local gas station and went inside to use the bathroom. I walked up to the clerk and asked her why I had no service here. She said, “Do you have AT&T?” I replied yes. “AT&T doesn’t work out here.” She said.

Realizing I had no way of knowing where I was going or staying, she handed me a map and was kind enough to show me the directions I need to go to get to Lone Rock Beach to set up camp.

In my desperate attempt to find service, I looked for a local coffee shop (which is non-existent in Page) but was able to find a Starbucks, which, go figure, was in a Safeway and just a stop and sip.

I finally was able to find a Library where I could contact my parents and let them know I had arrived safely but that I wouldn’t have service for the next three days. Discovering that I was going to be unplugged, they told me to have a good time and enjoy my trip. Simon Sinek would be proud.

While I don’t encourage you to have your phone on for this kind of journey, if you need it, make sure you have Verizon or Sprint as a cell service provider.

Total Trip Cost?

So, the total cost of my trip?

  • Lodging – $47
  • Food – $24.16
  • Recreation – $30
  • Gas – $88.60 (based on my 2007 Mazda 6 Sedan)

TOTAL COST: $189.76

This trip turned in the “Family Summer Vacation” trip that I plan to do every year from now on. So, if you need a good getaway weekend trip to escape your everyday hum-drum and boring lifestyle, this is the trip for you.


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