7 Cheap Travel Essentials For Your Summer 2018

Summer is on its way! Whether it’s sand and sun, mountains and lakes, or dirt roads and some good off-roading, make sure you’re prepared to capture the memories and make the most of your 2018 summer with these cheap travel essentials!

This is my third summer back from Peace Corps China and fully intend to make the most of my beautiful home state of Colorado. But even if you’re not in Colorado and surrounded by gorgeous scenery and plenty of the outdoor sights to keep you occupied for the summer.

This summer I plan to visit the Great Sand Dunes in Alamosa, Colorado, hike to Hanging Lake, camp in the Rockies, and hike for miles to fish at some of Colorado’s most beautiful lakes. And I need the right travel essentials to make it happen!

Below are some of the items I put together for my Colorado summer adventures that you should consider for your outdoor adventures! You’ll find that I included the pricing courtesy of Amazon. I absolutely love Amazon and have saved tons of money on my travel items, which I can put toward my itineraries.

Alright! Let’s get to our travel essentials for summer 2018!

Capture the Memories

If you’re like me you may be using your iPhone as your go-to camera for photo ops, but if you’re also like me you might be looking for a camera upgrade. For those who can’t justify purchasing a GoPro right away or don’t have the budget to do so and still want to take pictures, I suggest the Campark camera. It’ small and compact much like a GoPro, takes high-quality photos and shoots in 4K. Close to 2000 people have purchased this product and LOVED it. For less than 50 bucks, you can choose a black or blue model, and it comes with everything including a waterproof case, two batteries, straps, clip attachments, and much more. The one downside of this camera is it doesn’t come with a case, so I ordered the Tekcam protective case. It fits everything perfectly and was less than 20 bucks.

Drink Water Safely With Lifestraw

I love Lifestraw because you can drink any water, anytime, anywhere and it’ll be clean no matter what! How does it work? Maybe you’re on a hike and you’ve drank all the water in your Camelback. Lifestraw to the rescue! Scoop up some water in a cup, or drink directly from a stream through the Lifestraw and you have clean water and you’ll stay hydrated during your hiking trip

Stay Fueled During Your Adventures

Packing a snack that’s delicious, light, and good for you is the right fuel you’ll need for whatever journey you’re going on. My favorite outdoor snack is Cherry Pie Larabars. They are packed with natural ingredients that are good for you and less artificial flavors and sweeteners that could bog you down during your hike, kayak trip, or fishing trip.

Fitbit Blaze To Track Your Steps

The most useful one of my recommended travel essentials is my Fitbit Blaze. I use it daily to challenge myself to stay active for as much as possible. I love it because you can set your own pace, set how many steps you want to achieve and earn badges for your accomplishments! These are perfect for hiking in the mountains and on new trails. You can track how long you’ve exercised, how many flights of stairs (or hills) you’ve climbed, and track the number of steps it took for your to reach the top of the mountain. This is also a great choice if you’re exploring cities like NYC and plan to do a significant amount of walking.

A Journal For Your Thoughts

Over time, we tend to forget even the most vivid of memories, so why not seal the memory in with a little journaling? Once you get to your destination, what’s another 15 minutes for you to write about what you are experiencing? At least, that’s my thought anyway. Pack up a good hardcover journal and document your summer adventures with one of these travel essentials. And then pair it with a set of Sharpie No-Bleed pens to make sure your memories aren’t rubbed away or washed away.


Stay Protected From the Sun

Its definitely most like sunny wherever your summer unless you’re spending your summer in Antarctica, and look, I’m not here to judge how you spend your summer. Nevertheless, fair-skinned people beware of the UV rays and beat the heat with some good ol’ sunscreen. Lather up before and during your outdoor adventures, whether they are hiking, fishing, taking a walk through a big city, or a day at the beach.

Pack It Up Tight!

I chose Decathlon for my backpack choice because I fell in love with the brand back in China during my Peace Corps years. The reason I love it is because it’s relatively cheap and pretty decent quality. Plus, your backpacks come in a variety of colors. I chose the 10-liter backpack because it keeps me from packing too much and taking only what is necessary. The backpack is light, easy to carry and fits all of the travel essentials I listed above. The backpack is perfect for both kids and adults, so take your pick and enjoy the ease of a simple days hike. If you plan to use this for a weekend trip, I would recommend going with a bigger backpack with a lot more sturdy material.

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