8 Winter Items to Include in Your Colorado Car Survival Kit

Winter is here and for many who choose to road trip through snowy terrains in search of adventure need to prepare properly and stay safe while on the road. I pretty much get all of my winter survival advice from my father who has visited all corners of Colorado. His mentality, “you never know what could happen, so best be prepared.”

Winter is possibly one of the worst seasons to get into a tight spot or to get stranded. And nothing is worse than driving off-roads to a remote area and getting stuck, especially in a snowstorm.

With cell phones, these days, the likelihood of being very stuck and out of service isn’t as great, but it can still happen. So why not prepare for the worst. My one recommendation for this, which I won’t add to my car survival kit, is making sure you have the proper tires for your journey. All-weather or winter tires could be a saving grace if you get stuck in a situation you don’t expect.

Below is my list of essential items you should be keeping in your vehicle at all times in the case that you get stranded during severe winter weather conditions.

A Fully Charged Battery Pack

Let’s say for some reason, you are on the road during winter and you get stranded in a blizzard because your car dies. And let’s say, worst case scenario, your phone is dying. You can’t turn on your car to charge your device and make a phone call. Here enters a battery pack. It can get you charged up and so you can call someone to rescue you from your wintery fate. My favorite battery pack is the iHome battery pack. It’s easy to pack and very slim and holds hours of charge.

A Sleeping Bag

Probably one of the most crucial pieces of this survival kit is a good sleeping bag. If your vehicle does die and you don’t have the ability to stay warm, you will need a sleeping bag. I have two. One I keep in my car and one I use for regular camping. Having one will allow you to stay warm until help arrives, thus reducing your risk to catch pneumonia or freeze to death. If you are looking for inexpensive quality, Coleman sleeping bags are wonderful, but if you have a more flexible budget, I definitely recommend Northface sleeping bags.

Good and Energizing Snacks

I would suggest packing something like beef jerky, protein bars, bottles of water, fruits, and nuts. Things that will provide you with good proteins and fats. This is essential for severe cases where you may be stranded for longer than a day. You’ll need to keep your energy up. It’s likely that you will have enough body fat on so that you won’t starve, but having those snacks is still a good idea.

Hand and Feet Warming Packs

If for some reason you don’t pack a sleeping bag, some hand and feet warmers are still great items to carry with you on your winter road trips. They can last up to eight hours and keep your feet and hands warm. With a sleeping bag, this an added heating feature that may ease the pain of being stranded in a blizzard. I recommend the brand Hot Hands, which you can get on Amazon in bulk.

Extra Socks and Clothes

If you have poor circulation like me, then your feet probably get cold no matter where you are in the winter. My recommendation is to keep a good pair of wool socks with you in your car at all times. If you’re on your way to a destination you may not be wearing the right clothes because you think you’re getting from point A to point B easily. That’s why it’s best to keep an extra set of warm clothes and socks with you just in case.

Tire Chains and Road Salt

Sometimes a simple change in your situation are tire chains. Maybe you’ll get stuck in a patch of snow and can’t get out. If that’s the case, you may be able to strap on some snow chains and get yourself out of a sticky situation. If need be, you can also use some road salt to melt the snow and ice under tires, making it easier for your to drive off to your home or destination.

Flashlights and Batteries

God forbid you get stuck in a blizzard overnight, please make sure to pack an LED lantern or a flashlight to help you keep your car lit while waiting. The added benefit of a light is, you can potentially use it to signal you are there or stranded in the case someone drives past you. Some LED lights these days are AMAZING because they come with multiple lighting setting, some of which have the ability to flash. Some of my favorite products are made by BioLite.

Something To Do

Nothing is worse than being stuck in a blizzard for hours with nothing to pass the time. You’ll probably spend a great amount of time worrying about when you’ll resolve your sticky situation, but for those of you who aren’t as worried, it might be a nice idea to bring a book, crossword puzzles, or other things to keep you busy while you wait to rescued from the winter weather.

Getting stranded in the winter doesn’t have to be a scary experience if you have the proper items packed for your journey. Created the car survival kit for yourself, add any additional items you think you may need, and you can keep safe if or when you become stranded.

Have you been stuck in winter weather conditions? What did you do, and what items did you keep in your car survival kit? Leave comments below! For more travel essentials, go here!