A Day Trip Itinerary of Things To Do In Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs was just recently named one of the most desired places to live in the US and while many people are scratching their heads going, “Where is Colorado Springs,” many are flocking to the city to spend the rest of their lives there.

Colorado Springs has big plans to develop the city which will quickly surpass Denver in size and population in the coming years. Much of these development plans are put together in the PlanCOS initiative, which was just recently released to the public for review.

Many are choosing to live here or retire here, and many others simply want to vacation here, or many are simply passing through.

If you are one of those people who are interested in checking out the city of Colorado Springs for a potential living place but aren’t quite sure it’s the place you ought to be, or you are simply passing through, read my recommendations on Sites to See and Things to Do in Colorado Springs.

We’ll start with breakfast because I simply LOVE breakfast.

Breakfast – King Chef’s Diner

King Chef’s Diner is known for its superb food and insanely large portions and usually has a line out the door with people. If we’re going to get through our things to do in Colorado Springs, CO, we have to start it off right. It was featured in an episode of Al Roker’s Diner Destinations and Outrageous Food, making it a famous place to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Their burritos and green chili are to die for.

Late Morning Hike – Garden of the Gods (Easy)

For those looking to walk off your King Chef’s Diner burrito, Garden of the Gods is a wonderful place to take a leisurely walk while marveling at gorgeous red rock formations that rest at the base of Pikes Peak. Garden of the Gods is known for its iconic Kissing Camels and Tilting Rock rock formations. Drive down the road and find multiple hikes along the way.

Late Morning Hike – Manitou Incline (Difficult)

Things to do in Colorado Springs, CO - Manitou Incline

So the Manitou Incline is not technically one of the things to do in Colorado Springs, but it’s close enough. You can make a short drive from Colorado Springs to Manitou Springs by way of Highway 24, and find a space to park your car near the park. A free shuttle bus will take you up to the Manitou Incline where you can take a steep 1 mile incline up. Afterwards, there will be a 3-mile jog down the Barr trail to cool down.

Late Morning Snack – Bristol Brewing Company at Ivywild

One of my favorite things to do in Colorado Springs is drink beer, and there are many breweries to choose from, but on of my favorites is Bristol Brewing Company. Bristol Brewing is a popular beer brewed and adored in downtown Colorado Springs. The brewery itself has situated itself into an old high school, where elements of the interior have been untouched. Bristol Brewing offers a variety of tasty appetizers and some of their most popular beers like Beehive, Laughing Lab, Winter Warlock and Red Rocket – just to name a few. Stop for a cool down beer from your morning hike before moving on to your next adventure.

Shopping Stroll – Old Colorado City

If you’re into a leisurely stroll through some sweet little streets where you can get some souvenir items or one-of-kind pieces of hip clothing, this is a great place to get to walking. Old Colorado City is lined with shops filled with unique items that set them apart from your regular department store. You’ll even find a series of artists displaying their work in galleries.

Lunch – Skirted Heifer

For a quick bite to eat ad a delightful burger, I choose the Skirted Heifer. They call it the Skirted Heifer because when the cheese melts on top, it comes of the edges to look like a skirt. You can create your own burger, or have your fill of a signature creation, and then wash it all down with a cane sugar cream soda. Don’t forget to add their to-die-for sweet potato fries as well.

Afternoon Attraction – Seven Falls

Things to do in Colorado Springs, CO - Seven Falls

Seven Falls is a part of the famous Broadmoor Hotel and high on the list of things to do in Colorado Springs, CO. It is most known for its stunning waterfall, but the fun doesn’t end there. There are a few beautiful hikes, shopping options, and a zip line trip known as the Soaring Adventure. Plan to be here a few hours if you try to do it all.

Afternoon Attraction – Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds is known for its memorable guided cave tours or the intimidating Terror-dactyl ride that swings you down into a canyon. Either way, Cave of the Winds is full of outdoor adventure attractions that take you to great heights that give you grand sites of the beautiful Colorado Springs area.

See a Movie – Kimball’s Peak Three Theater

The Kimball’s Peak Three Theater as three very small screens that play independent films for those who are not so much with mainstream movies. They serve great popcorn with their intimate theater seating, along with candy, and drinks if they are desired. You can also visit the Wine Bar for an adult beverage you can drink while sitting back to watch your feature film.

Dinner – The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is a divine restaurant located underground in Downtown Colorado Springs. They are known for delectable gourmet entrees and one of a kind cocktails. The Rabbit Hole is one of a kind and gives you the feel of a speakeasy, although that is not what it is. This restaurant is perfect for the solo female traveler or a couple’s romantic evening.

Dessert – Josh and John’s

Things to do in Colorado Springs, CO - Josh and John's

And for our last of things to do in Colorado Springs, CO, we very well can’t skip dessert. Josh and John’s is an unbelievable little ice cream shop just around the corner from the Rabbit Hole, which if you didn’t eat their carrot cake, Josh and John’s should be your next stop. I love this place because I feel like I’m eating real ice cream rather than one right out of a machine. Check their current flavors of the month to try some of their favorite in-house creations, or try flavors like Yellow Cake, Dutch Chocolate, and much more.

Where You’re Staying

After such a long day, you’re going to need a place to rest your head. You can stay in any Airbnb, and there are many options to choose from, or you can find rest and relaxation in the many glorious bed and breakfasts in the area. Of course, if you are looking to splurge on a one night stay, Cheyenne Mountain Resort or the Broadmoor are perfect choices.

There are TONS of things to do in Colorado Springs, CO and this just scratches the surface. Venture beyond these attractions to make a delightful weekend where you can venture to the top of Pikes Peak for a perfectly made donut, or visit the small town of Cripple Creek just west of COS. Whatever you need, Colorado Springs has it.

To see more of my Colorado blog posts, go here! Have you been to Colorado Springs? Tell me where some of your memorable adventures took you!