Why Singapore Airport is the Best Place to Have a Layover

I got stuck in a 12-hour layover at Singapore Airport during my last attempt to return to China and teach. I ended up not going back to China, but that’s another long, chaotic story you can read about here.

When I booked my ticket for my trip back to China, I had to first book a ticket from Colorado to Thailand so I could get a new Chinese Visa. Again, long story, which you can read here. I booked the least expensive ticket, which included a 12-hour layover in Changi Singapore Airport. After I booked my ticket, I immediately did a Google search on the Singapore Airport hoping that there was something to do the for the 12-hours I was in it.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. After browsing a few sites, I was more excited to go to Singapore than I was excited to live it up in Thailand for three days. I don’t know if you know this, but Changi Singapore Airport was a playground for adults, travelers, and kids alike. If you ever happen upon traveling to Asia and have the option of a lengthy layover at Changi, TAKE IT.

So, What’s SO Great About Changi?

Changi is a huge airport split into three large terminals, which can be explored over several days. It provides fun for the whole family, business areas for your serious travelers, spas, a valley of stores and delicious eateries, and tons of fun for everyone. There is so much to it, I don’t even know where to start.

If you visit Changi Singapore Airport’s website, they’ll give you a breakdown of the things you can do depending on how long your layover is.

Movies Are Offered Around the Clock

Singapore Airport Movie Theater

Yes. Changi Singapore Airport is chalk full of numerous mini movie theaters that will help you pass the time while you wait for your flight (just don’t forget you actually have one). You can find movie theatres in any one of the three terminals, just take your pick!

Free Gaming is Offered

Maybe your kid’s Gameboy died onboard and you forgot the charger. Rather than deal with their poor mood because they ran out of something to do, place them in the game room. There they’ll find a healthy serving of gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Kinect. Save your game, so that you have a reason to come back.

KidsWorld and Woodblock Coloring

Woodblock Coloring at Changi Singapore Airport

Located in terminal 1, KidsWorld is a hub for children’s entertainment. Keep your children busy playing with Barbie, Matchbox Cars, and Lego blocks. I mean, if you’re an adult and love Lego blocks, don’t be ashamed to join in. Also, if you can find it, there is a woodblock bar you can use for coloring in one of the terminals. Take home a free souvenir and color your own!

The Giant Slide

If all of the children’s toys weren’t enough, take a short little ride to terminal 3 where a giant slide is located. Take a few spins and turns in Singapore’s tallest slide and the world’s tallest slide in an airport. It’s open from 12 pm to 10:30 pm and you must be a certain height to ride. Plus, your journey down the slide is free when you make a $10 purchase in the airport and present your receipt at the time of the ride.

Changi Has Amazing Gardens

Butterfly Garden at Changi Singapore Airport

As if they couldn’t have anything else, but there is even more after this if you can believe that. Changi Singapore Airport has beautiful gardens and nature trails in all three terminals. They range from Butterfly Gardens to Cactus Gardens to Sunflower Gardens to Orchid Gardens. You won’t have a problem getting your Zen on if you needed a moment to escape a long day of travel.

Sleeping Pods and Rest Areas

So, 12-hours in an airport can definitely seem like a long time and depending on the time you’ll arrive at the airport, you may be pooped. Well, Singapore Airport has you covered on that – but not literally because they don’t provide blankets. Enjoy a resting area in all three terminals whenever your eyes are feeling heavy and charge your devices while you’re at it. Just keep a good watch on your belongings.

Relax at a Spa

Relax in a Spa at Changi Singapore Airport

On your way somewhere tropical and forgot to get a mani-pedi? Well, good news for you, Singapore Airport has an area for you to get manicures, pedicures, and massages during you long wait before departure. These options recommend at least 4 – 5 hours of layover time, but that’s probably because of the swimming pool they have on site. As if it could get any better! Make sure you pack your bathing suits in your carryon.

Enjoy a Free Train Ride Tour of Singapore

Yes, my friends, that is right. You can take a free RT train ride tour of Singapore from the terminal and back again. This particular ‘thing to do’ requires a minimum of 5.5 – 6 hours of layover time at Singapore airport, so plan accordingly. Singapore Airport’s website gives you the opportunity to plan ahead on this trip and provides you with a list of times for registration, tour time, and the time you should go according to when you board your next flight. This ride leaves from terminal 2 and 3 only. Go here to read the available times and get your plan on.

At this point, you may just take a trip to Singapore Airport and back because it’s a vacation in itself. If you wanted to make a vacation out of it, I’m sure you could. Quite literally you could because they have hotels in the airport too, of course. You can explore other areas of the Changi Singapore Airport online and plan ahead for your trip. It will definitely be one to remember.

Have you been to Singapore Airport? Share your positive experiences below! For more travel journeys, go here!