Paradox Beer Co. Leaves A Sour Taste in Your Mouth & It’s A Good Thing

Recently, I visited Paradox Beer Co. in Divide, Colorado, not far between Cripple Creek and Woodland Park. The beer company is situated¬†off HWY 24 and above the traffic to make you feel like you’re away from it all.

Before moving to Cripple Creek, I drove past Paradox Beer Co. twice a day, and since then it has taken me several months to go inside and try their beer. Having worked for a brewery over a year ago, I am particularly interested in the Colorado Craft Beer Community.

Paradox, according to my gracious bartender, Elaina, is unlike any other brewery in Colorado and the owners/brewmasters pride themselves on that. Jeff, Brian, and David have over 30 years of combined experience in the professional brewing industry, and so they decided to open up a brewery. But not just your regular ol’ brewery.

The three of them create unique tastes through an experimentation with a spirit of, and I quote, “unflinchingly wayward.” Guests are likely to experience signature tastes through passion, palate, and patience. These tastes, you will not find anywhere else. You can learn more about them here.

I went in there on a Sunday fully expecting to sit down with a pint and watch the Broncos and Chiefs battle for a win. And When I arrived, I was met with more than a few delightful surprises.

Barrel-Aged and Wild Sours

View of Paradox beer with Pikes Peak in the Background

Paradox Beer Co.’s products are all barrel-aged and bottle conditioned. You can expect to find some beers that aren’t your normal Barrel-Aged and Wild Sours, like dunkels, hefs, IPAs, and such – but keep in mind that this beer company is especially skilled in the art of sours and barrel-aged. If you like sours, this is the place for you.

They Never Make the Same Beer Twice

Paradox Beer Co. opened six years ago in Woodland Park, CO and since then, they have never created a taste more than once. That means, don’t rely on flagships or staple beers here. Each taste you are getting when you visit is one of a kind and never recreated again! That’s why it’s important to savor the flavors while they’re around. I don’t know how many beers they have created since 2012, but if you’re in their next time and get in the presence of a brewmaster, be sure to ask them and leave a comment below.

Skully Series

Skully Series at Paradox Beer Company

And while we’re talking about once in a lifetime flavors, Paradox is home to a series called the Skully Series. Skully is their beer company mascot, of sorts, and is included in the name of the special barrel-aged wild sours that make up the Skully Series. You can find Skully’s cute little pirate face on the front of their bottled creations. Since beginning the series, they have produced over 60 unique flavors! Be sure to give one of them a try when you make the trip there.

Don’t Expect to Watch Football Here

The Paradox Beer Co. owners wanted to focus more on bringing people together, rather than sitting them down in front of the TV with a beer, which in all honesty, we can probably do at home just fine. Paradox doesn’t want to be known as a sports bar, but a meeting place for you and those you hold dear. Don’t expect the TV to be blasting the latest football game or other sporty events (my mistake when coming in, sorry guys).

Instead, bundle up with friends or an S/O next to their outdoor firepit with Pikes Peak glowing under the moonlight and a cold one in your hand. And if you’re just too bored of your friends, take a break and go play some horseshoe in their open space area a stone’s throw from the firepit.

Butter and Beer Flights

Beer flight and Butter Flight at Paradox Beer Company

I’m not talking Butterbeers from Harry Potter (although if they made that beer, I would totally drink it). It’s always a good idea to eat something when you’re drinking, hopefully responsibly my friends! But believe it or not, Paradox has the sweetest little menu of delightful carbs to pair with your beers.

My personal favorite was the butter flight, a menu item I am completely obsessed with. The flight comes with three types of butter and a tray of sliced bread. I think the butter flight is a perfect option to pair with your beer because it really brings out the flavor of the beer. Get a flight of both beer and butter for the enhanced experience. You can see other items from their menu here.

Paradox Beer Co. Operating Hours

The operating hours of Paradox Beer Co. varies. Expect to see the brewery open more frequently in the warmer months when the fear of driving the snowy roads isn’t an issue. During winter, their hours may be limited because of the type of mountain weather they are privy to getting. It’s best to check their website and social media accounts before making the trip to Divide, CO. Call them if you have to.

This was such a pleasant experience and worthy of even a solo trip up. Thanks to no football playing on TV, I was able to just enjoy the beautiful scenery around me and enjoy my one of a kind Paradox brew.

If you enjoyed this post, or have been to Paradox Beer Co. tell us about your experience below! For more anything beer, check out one of my other recent articles about Family Business Beer Company in Dripping Springs, Texas!