My Packing List For the TravelCon Blogger’s Conference in Austin, Texas

Next week, I’ll be flying to Austin, Texas for the first time and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am!

I made a video with a brief overview of what I plan to bring with me on my trip to Austin to attend TravelCon, but I didn’t include all the nitty-gritty details of why I am bringing these certain items with me. I am going on behalf of my full-time job in Cripple Creek and for my own personal developmental goals, so there is much to be learned on both parts.

In this blog, I will explain my reasons for packing so little and light for this trip and the things I will be taking with me on this trip. I will be in Austin for the TravelCon blogger’s conference for nearly a week, so you would be surprised with what I intend to bring and I intend to bring it all in just one backpack.

This week, I am visiting a few places in Austin that require me to get a little bit wet this trip, so you’ll have a chance to see what items I’m bringing with me for my water adventures.

You’ll also learn why I’m bringing fewer clothing items and my reasoning behind it. I’ll also be talking a little bit about the camera that I intend to bring to capture my precious time in Austin, Texas.

So let’s get going! The week is going to fly by fast and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Bondka Backpack

You can get this backpack at Target for around $35. I chose it because it’s, first of all, adorable I love the mint and grey colors. I also chose it because it keeps my computer safe but it also has significant space for me to pack a few items for a short trip. 6 days in Austin is a short trip in my mind, so I intend to bring the necessities and try not to bring so much of everything I “think” I may need.

Bringing Fewer Clothes

All in all, I think I’m packing about 8-9 pieces of clothing in my bag. This will consist of a good pair of slacks, four shirts, a cardigan, dress, and a bathing suit. I like to pack less clothes so I don’t have as much to carry. I also chose to recycle my clothes throughout the week, but that means rinsing my body off each night before I go to bed. It can seem time consuming or annoying, but it means I can bring less and cause less stress on packing. I learned this trick from being a Peace Corps Volunteer in China, which I explain in the video below.

My Water Gear

Last year, I went on a kayak trip in Antelope Canyon and picked up some water gear before the trip. Some of them proved to be very useful and will be even more useful for this trip to Austin. I’ll be meeting up with The Blonde Abroad for her river tubing get together and need to make sure I am keeping my belongings safe and bringing what I need to. Below are some of the water items I am bringing with me!

Tips for First Time Bloggers

I’ve been blogging a while, but I didn’t start making it a business until this year, and since then, I have learned a few things, one of which was learned by my Aunt and Author Sharon K. Angelici. If you’re looking to make this a business, carry around a small folder with you so you can keep good track of your receipts. The other thing that is imperative is bringing business cards because you never know just who you might meet at TravelCon and what kind of relationships you will make.

Always Bring Tissue

Speaking for experience from when I have had to visit the bathroom in very questionable situations, I really believe in this. Bring a few packs of tissue with you on the trip. I know we’re a first world country, but you just never know when it could save your life or save you from a terrible bathroom story. You can get most of this stuff as your local store for like a dollar. Spend the dollar and save you tushy.

Bring the Right Camera

Obviously, if you are coming to learn a lot about photography and want to bring your big camera, by all means, bring it with. But for those who do want to bring something a little simpler and don’t have camera yet, my suggestion is bringing something small and compact. I chose to go with a CamPark Camera, which I absolutely love. It takes video and photos just as well as a GoPro, which I would also recommend as an option. It’s easy to pack and you won’t have to worry about bringing an extra bag, just for your camera.

Bring That Selfie On

Many of us will be traveling to this blogger’s conference solo. I’m sure we’ll make a lot of friends who won’t mind snapping our picture, but in the case that you don’t make friends (which would be sad – please make friends), a selfie stick can help you capture some sweet shots of yourself doing things. You can also take a small tripod if you have the room for it. Setting up a tripod and taking selfies is a good technique for getting those shots you wanted to get of yourself doing cool things.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Please, Please, Please, my friends, do not forget the basic techy necessities like phone chargers, power cords, Fitbits or Apple Watches (and their chargers too). Save yourself the hassle of purchasing those things when you get to Austin and spend your money on better things, like custom ordered cookies from Hayley’s Cakes. Also, please don’t neglect the necessary toiletries (I know its a given, but you never know).

So those are some of the things I am packing. Please share what you are bringing to TravelCon in Austin, Texas this year and watch the video below to see for yourself what I will be bringing.