I’m Obsessed with the BioLite Camp Stove & All Campers Should Be Too

About two years ago, my father was watching a YouTube video about a set of technologies that campers could take with them when they are going off the grid for a camping adventure.

The video featured a BioLite Campstove 2, a piece of technology that has the capability to power your electronic devices by burning fuel and without using propane. Yes. This little adorable camp stove burns twigs and can generate enough power to charge any of your devices for several hours.

I was watching it with him and he said, “You know, Kel, you should get one of these camp stoves.” And for the past two years, I’ve been working away to invest in this delightful little machine that I am now incredibly obsessed with.

Who is Biolite and What Do They Do?

If you are not familiar with BioLite, below is a video explaining their mission and why and how they are creating this energy source to benefit communities that are without the luxuries of power and energy.

I purchased this product from REI and got a sweet discount on account of being a member of REI. What I didn’t expect was I got more in my camp stove bundle than advertised on the website.

In my bundle, I was giving the camp stove, kettle, coffee press, a grill, and a flexlight that can easily plug into the charging port at the front of the camp stove. And I got it all for less than $100 and less than their normally advertised price.

I used the camp stove for the first time during my annual bestie trip to Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings. After using it a few time during the trip, here are some things I love about the BioLite Camp Stove 2.

Biolite Is Light and Compact

If you think about it this camp stove doubles as a power source and a cooking source, it’s amazing it’s as small as it is. I can put everything from my camp stove 2 bundle into a small canvas bag and take it anywhere without a problem. It’s also incredibly lightweight.

Even if you didn’t bring the grill with you, the kettle and camp stove alone are small enough to place in any backpack for your wilderness adventures.

It Can Run Completely on Twigs

One of the reasons this is such a great product is you can power it with twigs from your surrounding campsite. This means you don’t have to purchase propane fuel each time you go on a trip. You can simply collect twigs from the ground nearby and use it to keep your stove running.

BioLite does offer the option of buying a bag of firestarters for $5.95 per bag, which you can also get at REI. It is a great way to get the camp stove running in the beginning, but once the fire is burning, it’s easy to keep going with twigs.

Heats Kettle and Pots Within Minutes

Not that we’re in a rush or anything, but I love how quickly this thing boils my kettle of water. On a cool warming when you’re looking to warm up with a cup of joe or tea, this is a major plus. Not to mention, you can place any pot or pan over the top of the fire and it’ll cook within minutes. This characteristic is perfect for soups as well. My one piece of advice is to watch the pot because it will indeed cook things VERY quickly.

Produces Enough Energy to Power Your Devices

Biolite Camp Stove 2 Closeup

I understand the, “get off the grid” mentality, but there is nothing wrong with making sure your camera is powered or your phone is powered in case of emergency. As your camp stove burns, it produces energy, and enough to charge up your devices. A major plus is that the yellow piece attached to your stove is also a battery pack. You can store energy for later, go on your hike or bike trip, spend the day snowboarding, and the energy will be back at your campsite waiting for you.

They Have An Amazing Mission

They are on a mission to provide energy to more people who have little access to energy. The BioLite Camp Stove is not the only technology they have created to help keep communities powered, they also provide other technologies like light resources, larger cooking resources, and more power sources that can provide more energy thanks to the sun. By purchasing their products, you’re helping others in off the grid communities in India and South Africa get the energy they need to power their day.

Have you used a BioLite Camp Stove 2? Tell me what you think of the product in the comments below! For other blog posts by me, visit my blog posts on Things To Do in Florence, Colorado.