Fishing and Hiking Rampart Reservoir: What to Know Before You Go

This weekend, my boyfriend and a few friends took a much needed fishing trip to Rampart Reservoir just outside of Woodland Park, Colorado. We enjoyed the wonderful hike, and the magnificent Colorado weather, which has taken some time to decide what season it would like to be in.

Going to Rampart Reservoir is the perfect trip for beginners looking to fish, camp, or hike for the first time or those who are just getting started with the Colorado outdoors. Get ready for a relaxing day too, because there will be no cell reception at this reservoir.

Rampart Reservoir just recently stocked the lake with fish, making your chances to get some good fishing in even better. To make the most of your trip, I’m going to give you some tips and advice on when to go, what to bring, what to use, and how to enjoy the reservoir.

Where is Rampart Reservoir?

Rampart Reservoir is just outside of Woodland Park, Colorado, which is about 30 minutes from Colorado Springs. You’ll take US HWY 24 West from Colorado Springs to Woodland Park and then veer off to the right of the hwy before taking a delightful journey through a wooded area.

How Far is the Hike To Rampart Reservoir?

There are multiple routes you can take to get to Rampart Reservoir. Before you actually see any water, you’re going to have to hike a little ways to get there, but don’t worry, this particular trail is beautiful and easy. You can take your kids and dogs and hike without issue. The hike itself is about 4.9 miles out and back, and you can find many other trails for Rampart Reservoir on All Trails

How Much Are Colorado Fishing Licenses?

Starting April 1st, 2018, you can get your Colorado Fishing Licenses at Walmart or Bass Pro Shops any time. People ages 16 and younger can fish for free, but should have a parent or guardian present. For fishermen/women ages 18-64, your license with cost $25 plus an extra $10 for the Habitat Stamp. If you are 64 and up, your fishing license should only cost about $1.

Fishing at Rampart reservoir

When is the Best Time of Day to Fish at Rampart Reservoir?

If you plan on fishing this little lake, some of the best fishing happens in the morning and when there is overcast. If the sun is out and too high, fish will go looking for cover. If it’s too bright out, fish are hesitant to come to the surface as often. For our trip, we arrived shortly after sun up, but the sooner you can get to the water in the morning, the better.

What Bait Should I Use to Fish at Rampart Reservoir?

We tried a number of things when we first arrived at the reservoir. We noticed many were using Powerbait to catch fish and Cast Master lures, but for us, we used Gulp artificial minnows. It took an hour or so to find out what they were biting on. I even tried a fly and a bubble at first. The best advice is just to test out multiple baits to see what will work for the day.

How Many Fish Can I Keep from Rampart Reservoir?

The 2018 Colorado Fishing Guide has strict guidelines on what you can take with you, what you can keep at home, etc. Rampart Reservoir is really good at making sure to remind you how many fish you can take home with you prior to fishing. On the sign just before you start your hike, Rampart Reservoir reminds you that you can take up to 2 fish per person with no size restrictions. Stick to the limit so you don’t get busted by the game warden.

How many fish can you keep at Rampart reservoir?

Bring Food and Water

The hike isn’t long, but if the sun is high, you’ll want to bring copious amounts of water and maybe some high protein snacks to make sure your energy is high and mighty. And if you plan to spend a full day hiking around the reservoir, a Camelbak might do you some good.

Bring a Good Camera

Rampart Reservoir is absolutely gorgeous and well worth some amazing photo opps. Whether it be catching fish, snapping some shots of fishermen in their boats or simply capturing the beauty of the Colorado outdoors, don’t miss your opportunity to bring a good camera and capture it all.

Can I Camp at Rampart Reservoir?

Yes! There are multiple campsites made available to people just along the dirt roadside as you make your trip to the trail head. There aren’t as many campsites as you think which means they fill up fast. There is no actual schedule of when people go most or least, so it’s really like campsite roulette. All we know is if you plan to camp and you see one, make sure you grab it before someone else does!

Can I Kayak or Canoe at Rampart Reservoir?

You absolutely can. If you have a love for kayaking or canoeing, Rampart Reservoir is a great place to do that. The flat water is very steady and as clear as glass.

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