My 7 Favorite Camping and Hiking Items and Why I Use Them

Camping and hiking in Colorado is one of my favorite past times and for a lot of reasons. First of all, they don’t call it ColoRADo for nothing. Many who visit here once, dream of living here forever. And why? Perhaps its are totally chill people or the numerous ranges of mountains that take your breath away, or the 340 days of sun we have a year. There are plenty of reasons why choosing Colorado for a vacation is one of the best choices. If haven’t quite started your Colorado Vacation research, check out this article here on Glamping in Colorado.

But this year, much of my adventures are happening right here in Colorado, meaning I need to be as prepared I can for whatever weather and wildlife surprises are ahead of me. There are certain items that I ALWAYS have with me especially the ones that help me capture the moment.

Below are those items I am so fond of. Honestly, they are some of the most budget-friendly around and they work just as well as the top-notch, name-brand items everything thinks they need to have a great camping and hiking experience.

Merrell Hiking Shoes

Merrell Hiking Shoes from Travel Branyik

I love these Merrell hiking shoes because they are incredibly lightweight, breathable, and the ones I purchased are waterproof. During my trip to the sand dunes, I was able to walk through ankle-deep creek water without getting my feet too wet. Merrell is known to be a great hiking shoe brand right up there with many other name brands like Keen. But with Merrell, you can still keep things relatively inexpensive and get a shoe that will last you several years with proper care.

Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag from Travel Branyik

I have been using my Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag since I was in my early teens and traveled every summer to band camp (seriously). I love it because even in extremely cold weather, these sleeping bags can keep you intensely warm and protect you from freezing temperatures. And yet, somehow, they are also perfect enough for warmer summer weather when you go camping. Just make sure to find the temperatures you are most likely to camp in and do your research before purchasing your sleeping bag.

Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern

Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern from Travel Branyik

So call me old school, but I love the beaming lights that come from the good ol’ fashioned Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern. Something about it just reminds me of my younger years camping with my family. Although I do love the solar-powered lantern options because you save so much more time and energy charging devices with our friend, the Sun. I am an old school camper at heart and still get chills lighting these every time. The good news is this Coleman product will last you a lifetime and the only things you need to change out regularly are the nets and the kerosene.

Coleman Dual Fuel Camp Stove

Coleman Camp stove from Travel Branyik

Another little bit of old school coming your way is the Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stove. It is most certainly a behemoth and for long-term camping more than backpacking. But I especially like this for its dual burner feature. My parents have had there for over two decades and still, this sucker works like a charm. If you are looking for a smaller and more energy efficient option that is better for backpacking, I would definitely recommend the Biolite Camp Stove as an alternative. Fun fact, that one helps you charge your devices – no joke.

Cabela’s 8-Person Alaskan Tent

Cabela's 8-Person Alaskan Tent from Travel Branyik

I love the Cabela’s 8-Person Alaskan Tent because it is meant to withstand extreme wind speeds, freezing temperatures and there is enough room for you and an army in there. We were able to fit two people and a medium-sized dog in the tent and have plenty of room to spare. This giant tent doesn’t cost as much as you think and will last you much longer than you would ever expect.

Campark 4k Camera

Campark Camera from Travel Branyik

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this item among my many items and definitely because of the price. The Campark Camera is around $50 and believe it or not, has GoPro quality. If you don’t believe me, just check out the video I made recently when I adventured to the Sand Dunes. It’s waterproof, has a 16 mp camera, shoots 4k, and comes with all the extensions, straps, and clip-ons you need to make a memory.

iPhone 8s Plus

iPhone 8s Plus From Travel Branyik

I have an iPhone 8s Plus, and I’m going to be honest, I 100% got it for the camera. It does portrait shots, which are perfect for taking pictures of dogs, flowers, and other items close up to give it a more dramatic photogenic feel. It’s lightweight too, meaning it’s easy to take Instagram, live videos (if that’s your goal like it is mine).

These items are perfect for avid travelers and those even looking to start outdoor camping blogs. For more on travel essentials, check out this post here! What are your favorite items? leave a comment below!