Travel Branyik Now Offering Writers Retreats

For a little while now, I’ve been playing with the idea of doing something that brings people together and satisfies a great passion of mine, writing.

My dad has really good ideas, a lot, and we’ve talked a lot about me working for myself in a lot of ways, and I thought to myself, what is it that I have to sell that people might want? What kind of niche would I fit into?

On my search for something I could do with my skills and expertise as a writer, I started watching a lot of videos by Sam Ovens, master consultant who is the same age as me, and teaches people how to start their own business.

Sam Ovens is nothing short of a genius and really has his stuff down to a science, it’s a shame I can’t afford his accelerator program right now, but it got me thinking about ways to market what I know to people who are looking for it. I still hadn’t figured out what it was that I wanted to do quite yet.

How My Lyft Fare Helped Me Figure it Out

During one of my jobs as a Lyft Driver, I took a young lady as a fare. She was a freshman in high school who had flown into Colorado Springs for a writers retreat. As I spoke with her, I come to find out she is having her writers retreat at one of the most beautiful places in Colorado Springs, Glen Eyrie at the base of Garden of the Gods.

Being that the young lady hadn’t seen Garden of the Gods, I took her up the road to see the stunning rock formations. She took a few pictures while I drove, and I thought, “this would definitely be a wonderful place for a writers retreat, no wonder she decided to come here.

After checking out Garden of the Gods, we turned back around and took the short drive through a path of trees to the Glen Eyrie Carriage house, where she would be staying. I dropped her off, and drove back out to get the next fare.

While I was driving, I thought, what if I did my own writers retreats for people? What if I did them in some of my favorite places (or desired places) to go in the US? So, I did just that.

Travel Branyik Writers Retreats

I put together/am putting together a series of great writers retreats that are sure to be the more fun than you can imagine. I have retreats planned in the deserts of Arizona complete with kayak trips into Antelope Canyon and hikes in the Wave. I have luxurious retreats for the valleys of Colorado where the infamous Dunton Hot Springs resides. And don’t worry, there will be more where that came from.

My soonest retreat will be in Fall 2018 in Arizona. If at all interested, visit this form here to sign up for the retreat. If you would like to sign up for next year’s retreat in Dunton Hot Springs, which will be amazing, I gave ample time for people to prepare and save for this trip if need be.

And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me about the retreats for any specific questions.

See all writers retreats here and sign up to reserve your spot for the retreat!