Propitious Panda Has Been Rebranded to Travel Branyik

Hey Hey Propitious Panda fans!

Propitious Panda has some very exciting things coming up this year! As you know, last year, I wrote “It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps,” which is a resourceful Peace Corps book that helps you prepare for your service. But THIS year, I will be releasing the second edition of It Depends as part of my promise to keep information about the Peace Corps experience as up to date as possible. AND with that, I will be releasing my first novel, “Wintersweet” to the world, which is a novel about my Peace Corps experience in China.

But that’s not the only exciting thing happening this year. In the next few months, Propitious Panda will be seeing a huge change! That’s right! Propitious Panda will be getting a website revamp, rebranding, and name change!For the past several months, I have been spread thin between my travel writing efforts, my Peace Corps efforts, and my efforts as a novelist. And as my professional career has been taking off, I thought it would be the appropriate time to get more serious and professional about my website. So, I decided to start making it easier by combining my two passions into one exciting new website.By or before June of 2018 (or hopefully before), Propitious Panda will be renamed and rebranded to be TRAVEL BRANYIK. So be ready!


Travel Branyik will be a new blog site focusing on two core topics: Peace Corps and Travel. It will have everything you already know and love about my Peace Corps knowledge, blogs, and resources, but it will also have my own stories about my travel.

PLUS, in addition to those two super things, you’ll also be able to see what I’m up to in the publishing world. You can purchase my two books “It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps” and “Wintersweet” (Coming Oct 2018) on my site and learn more about other upcoming products.

The site will have a new logo, a new brand, and a new way form of interaction that will be more suitable for you!

I am so excited to bring a fresh design and rebrand to all of you and make this site a more interactive for your benefit. I hope you follow me in this journey to something brand new and stay a dedicated reader!

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