Peace Corps Book, Wintersweet, is Coming in 2019

Today will be a rather short post on account of the many projects I am working on at this moment.

Recently, I’ve been asked to write two huge articles for the Colorado¬†Fun Guide Magazine, which circulates to 120,000 people in Colorado visitor centers, hotels, and many more places. This is a huge opportunity and one I have worked for since I was in college so I am so incredibly thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Colorado Fun Guide.

Which brings me to my next topic, Wintersweet: A Novel.

About the Peace Corps Book Wintersweet: A Novel

Wintersweet Peace Corps Book and Novel

This has been a big project to tackle ever since I’ve been home, but I am slowly making my way back into the project after being out of it for over a year. I spent the last year forgetting about it, mostly because I was caught up with other things in my life, but thank goodness I didn’t miss out on blogging too much at the same time. The book Wintersweet, if many of you don’t know, is going to be about my experience living in China, much like the book “Rivertown” written by Peter Hessler who was also a Peace Corps China Volunteer many years ago. If you want to read another book about Peace Corps China, I also highly recommend “Kosher Chinese” by Michael Levy. It’s one of the most hilarious and relatable books on Peace Corps China.

If any of you are asking why another book about Peace Corps is important to add to the very long great list of Peace Corps books out there, I have a few answers for that.

Times change and so does each group of Peace Corps Volunteers that come through their countries of service. I believe heavily in sharing multiple perspectives because I think it gives us a chance to understand the world and people better as we make our way on our own journey. My last reason is that this is a freeing of such a huge part of my life that changed me in a lot of ways. Telling the story allows me to help come to terms with what I experienced so I can finally truly internalize what I experienced as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

The name of the book, Wintersweet, like all titles, has a significance. A great significance to me, in fact, which you will find out in the novel when it is released this year. But all you need to know right now is that Wintersweet is a type of flower in China that only grows in the winter. Where I lived, the smell of Wintersweet was so sweetly overpowering and wonderful, and it is everywhere. It has dark brown branches and pale yellow flowery bulbs.

I’m thrilled to be able to tell this story but also terrified because I feel it will be the most honest story I’ve written and shared with anyone.

Who Is My Publisher?

I have been asked this question a few times recently. And My publisher is Write With Light Publications, a local Colorado publisher that focuses heavily on published works that are inspirational and bring love and light into this world. They have published other works like poetry, children’s books, and have the ability to publish art and music as well.

When Will Wintersweet Hit Stores?

I would very much like to shoot for October of 2019, but you know how the writing process goes! It could take longer depending on the editing, proofing, and review copy process. I’m not rushing to get this story done, but I would at least like for the story to be published before the end of 2019.

Do You Have Any Other Published Books?

Back in 2017, I published my first book, which was a help-guide for Peace Corps Volunteers preparing for their service. I created the book with intention of updating it every year or two to stay up to date with the trends of Peace Corps since it is an ever-changing program. The book is called, “It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps” and is available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Well, that’s all on that for now, but please sign up with me if you would like to get updates on when this book is nearing it’s true publish date! And until then, check out my most recent blogs and see what else I’ve been up to recently!