Wintersweet Peace Corps Book To Be Published in 2018

2018 is going to be a good year!

As of now, I am writing a new book, Wintersweet, which is the detailed story of my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in China. it will be the most honest I have probably ever been with anybody. That is both scary and exciting at the same time.
If you have read my first book, “It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps,” then you have only seen the coaching side of my story. Wintersweet will be a novel about my unique Peace Corps China story.
This novel will be published in late 2018 But until that day comes, here is the synopsis for your pleasure and the book cover so you know what to look for. Beautiful cover art was designed by Colton Davies.

Wintersweet Synopsis:

“Kelly was a writer ever since her favorite third-grade writing project. And while she did well in school and excelled in her English classes, her mother, Kathy, felt there were other lessons to be learned from the world. As the middle child of three children, her mother and father often took them on family road trips across the country. For Kelly, it wasn’t long before those adventures became a genuine part of her happiness. For years, her obsession with planning trips to exotic destinations grew. They were trips she knew she couldn’t pay for but were filled with her dreams to become a travel journalist. In her final year of college, Kelly found herself in a panic, desperately searching for a way to achieve her dream. But during a class with her favorite professor, she discovered the next path to her success – joining the Peace Corps.
From the day she made the decision, Kelly went through the tedious and unpredictable application process, not knowing where she would be placed to serve, and her internal battle with leaving her home and everything she knew. But to her surprise and terror, she discovered much more than everything she understood in the United States. Through learning to love herself, letting go of the past, and the loss of things she holds dear, her life on the other side of the world will make her reconsider all she has ever known and what the future holds.”
Wintersweet will be Kelly’s second published book in her series. For Kelly’s other books on Peace Corps visit Amazon to purchase “It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps.” To learn more about the author, visit her about page here.