Travel Branyik's list of travel essentials

Welcome to my Travel Essentials Menu!

Everyone has their own list of travel essentials and I have specific items I need to carry with me for travel. See the list of my favorite travel essentials below and shop for similar products while you build up your carry-on or checked bag. Make sure that when purchasing your travel items for carry-on, you are adhering to the TSA guidelines, which will save you time when you are getting through security.

Travel Essentials for women

Sand Cloud Leggings

Sand Cloud Leggings for Traveling
Super comfy, stretchy, non-transparent, and are perfect for traveling. Save 15% off your order using the code: KELLY671.

Toms Shoes

TOMS Shoes are easy to pack, lightweight, and they come in a variety of fun colors. Plus, you get to save more time when going through security.


Scarf and Shawl Travel Essentials with Travel Branyik
Keeps you warm on a plane, covers those shoulders and knees when visiting sensitive destinations like churches or mosques.

Knit Sweater

Women's Knit Sweater Travel Essentials
I choose this lightweight sweater because it’s easy to take on the chilly plane ride with you or put in your carryon. Shop this look below!

Electronics travel Essentials

Apple Products

Apple Products Travel Essentials
I work from an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone 8s Plus for pictures. I absolutely love all of them and the things I am able to do as a travel blogger to keep my little business going.

CamPark Camera

Campark Camera travel essentials
I bought this for the price ($55 – just sayin’), and I was surprised with the video quality. You can’t beat the price and the quality and the Amazon reviewees are absolutely LOVING this camera.

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze travel essentials
Stay fit, track your steps, and see how far you’ve traveled wherever your journeys may take you. Fitbit has a variety of watches you can choose from and they have many wristbands to fit your style.

iPhone Headphones

iphone headphones travel essentials
For a basic headphone set for someone with small ears, I choose the good ol’ basic iPhone headphones because they are comfy in my ears and they are easy, compact, and perfect for traveling with.

Toiletries Travel Essentials

St. Ives Facial Scrub

St Ives Facial Scrub Travel essentials
A gentle exfoliant that is perfect for getting dirt and oil off my face, especially after long days of traveling. This comes in convenient travel sizes that are perfect for long trips!

L, B, and P

Love, beauty and Planet Shampoo and Conditioner Travel Essential
Love, Beauty, and Planet smells amazing, it’s good for your hair, and it’s made without a lot of the chemicals you see in most shampoos. Find them in many delicious scents!

EOS Chapstick

EOS Chapstick Travel Essential
EOS is one of my favorite chapsticks to carry around and popular everywhere. It fits well in your toiletry bag and if you lose your chapstick, like me, this will definitely be unlosable.

Daily Items for use Travel essentials

GSI Outdoors Coffee Drip

GSI Outdoors Coffee Drip
Hey Coffeeheads! You don’t have to go anywhere without your coffee, especially with this coffee drip by GSI outdoors. Coffee Not included.

Zerowater Water Bottle

Zero Water Water bottle
I love the Zerowater products because they have a filtration system that keeps my water clean and safe, which isn’t always the case everywhere in the world.

Moleskine Classic Journal

Moleskin Journal Travel Essentials
Keep track of your memories with the old school method of journaling – personally my favorite method. Moleskine journals are the best and sturdiest option. 

Alpha Keeper Money Belt

Alpha keeper money belt travel essential
Keep your money, passport, and other personal items close to your person with this Alpha Keeper money belt. It also easily fits under your clothes.

Sharpie Pens

Sharpie Pen Travel Essentials
These pens are smooth, perfect for writing and sketching, and do not bleed through paper. I love how many colors they come in too!

Bondka Backpack

Bondka Backpack Travel Essentials
This Bonka Backpack is perfect for a 3-5 day trip, has a back sleeve for your computer and comfy straps to make it feel weightless.

Arxus Carry-On

Arxus Multifunctional Fashion Travel Duffel Storage Bag Water Resistant Nylon
A perfectly small, light, and compact carry on piece of luggage that is great for short trips so you don’t have to check your bag!

Amazon Best-Sellers

Amazon Best Seller Travel essentials
Bring some entertainment with you on your trip, whether it be paperback or E-book. Browse through Amazon’s list of Best-Sellers!