“It Depends: A Peace Corps Guide”

Hey, wonderful readers and those interested in Peace Corps!

I have great news for those of you looking to join the Peace Corps!

A few blogs ago, I mentioned that I would be releasing a Peace Corps Guide in the coming months for all of you to enjoy. My goal is to get everyone interested in Peace Corps or already in Peace Corps educated with the latest in Peace Corps’ process and with stories from volunteers all over the globe. It has been quite a while since the last Peace Corps guide was written and so many things have changed since then!

I’ve stated on my website that this book is “A compilation of stories and experiences from past and present volunteers combines with a rich help guide to educate you and your loved ones about Peace Corps, its benefits, and its journey.”

It is rich in content and full of very real and honest stories from people who have undergone the Peace Corps experience.

The beautiful cover was designed by graphic designer and dear dear friend, Colton Davies, who also served in Peace Corps China from 2014-2016.

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Stay Tuned!

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