“It Depends: A Peace Corps Guide” – #1 New Release in Volunteer Work!

Last Wednesday, I officially published the first book of my life and career in hopes to inspire people to travel the world via Peace Corps’ exciting route.
And since its publication, it is gaining traction with people considering the Peace Corps.

It is the #1 New Release in Volunteer Work! A Great Honor!

“It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps” is a fun journey that will be ongoing for years to come. This will be the first edition of the book and we plan to update the content continuously over the years to remain consistent with the trends and the changes Peace Corps faces daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly!

What is so great about the guide is not that it is the best or only guide with a Peace Corps perspective but it is another perspective potential volunteers can use to gain more knowledge on what to expect in their Peace Corps service!

What is also great about this guide is it includes seven unique stories from Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) around the globe who have served in all areas of the program. These authors donated their time and their heartfelt stories to give you an idea of what your service can be like.

Of course, this is just one perspective and so it goes… So, what can you expect from Peace Corps?

It Depends!

Read the book to learn more about how to enhance your service! And to learn more about It Depends or read other stories about my service as a volunteer in China, read my blog posts!