“It Depends: A Guide To Peace Corps” COMING AUGUST 2017

Fresh Peace Corps Guide News!

During this last month, I somehow managed to finish my book, buy an ISBN, and buy a barcode for “It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps.” Funny enough, in order to buy your ISBN, you have to put a publication date down. I put the publication date for “It Depends” at August 2017, almost a year from the day I started it.

“It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps” will be published by August 2017 and available for purchase to those considering Peace Corps and those currently in Peace Corps.

There are many Peace Corps guides out there, lots of Peace Corps blogs, and many resources you can access to start the journey. You may find some stories with positive views, and stories with less than positive views. The important thing is to keep an open mind. And the more you can read about Peace Corps, the more you can prepare yourself for what you are about the experience.

Why Buy This Peace Corps Guide?

The great thing about my Peace Corps is the difference in perspective. Like many other volunteers’ stories, it doesn’t come from the eyes of just any other Peace Corps Volunteer. As volunteers, not a single one of us will have a similar perspective, and yet, there are basic things we can learn from the past and present volunteers that can help us prepare for that personal journey during our service. For myself, as a volunteer who experienced the first year at site with no direction, no teaching skills, no language skills, there is a lot of advice and knowledge I have to present to those potential volunteers out there who are concerned or uncertain about the process.

That will be my endnote there about “It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps.” If you are seriously considering joining the Peace Corps, I suggest you purchase my book come August. I suggest you purchase all Peace Corps books as well to give you a broader perspective so you can be the most prepared.

Please watch out for my book “It Depends: A Peace Corps Guide,” and share it with other people who are interested in joining Peace Corps. This book is great for not just potential volunteers, by parents, friends, relatives, and even school counselors.

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