Website Design Services

I have spent over 3 years learning how to make amazing websites. I take on large and small clients looking for incredible website design services. Below is a portfolio of my most recent work. If you like what you see, contact me to set up a free consultation on how we can improve or create your website!

Branik Music

I Am Branik Website

I created a website for Branik, the solo artist using a simple template that is informational. This is a single panel website style that allows you to scroll through easily to get the information you need. Some unique elements of this website includes widgets that connect a musicians Bandsintown account to their website so they can easily display their upcoming shows. It also encompasses an EPK and a music player for fans to indulge in.

Environmental Test Pro

Environmental Test Pro Website

This asbestos testing website for Environmental Test Pro is a simple design created for informational purposes. This website displays simple and informative facts on asbestos testing, which ultimately leads to the user’s option of calling for services.


Lexidyne Website Design

Lexidyne is a consulting firm that works with companies around the globe. This is a complex website full of information about the type of services they offer, but it is also a portfolio of their work and their publications. I implemented a single panel template with links to the pages. I also used a header with lots of movement to keep the user engaged while viewing the website. This is a primarily informational website with the ultimate goal of getting leads.


Purple Seed

Purple Seed Website Design

Purple Seed is another single panel website designed for the user to navigate easily. This website essentially acts as an online business card for me to refer to. The user can scroll the information and contact the business owner if they are interested in their services. The logo design was created by talented web designer, Nicole Creative.

Sharon K. Angelici

Sharon Angelici Website

This author website for Sharon K. Angelici, is designed as a blog site and as a place to sell her published pieces of work. We chose a simple style to match her personality. We used a collection of panels to separate content without overwhelming the user with information.

The Old Homestead House

Old Homestead House Website

The Old Homestead House is the last remaining brothel in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Now a museum, thousands of visitors journey to the historical site to get a taste of what madams experience in the old west. The design of the website was created based off the delicate exterior of the buildings and the elegance each woman of the house showed daily.