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Need to Hire a Freelance Writer? I’m that Gal!

That’s Right, I’m a freelance writer, in addition to the many other things I do. If you’re here, you’re looking to hire a freelance writer. And you have come to the right place. I have a history of composing various mediums of writing depending on the need. If you haven’t read my about me page just yet, don’t you worry, I’ll give you a little breakdown of my writing experience.

I received higher education from Colorado State University-Pueblo achieving a degree in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis while also minoring in Professional Writing. I have studied various forms of writing from poetry, manuscript writing, nature writing, creative writing, and magazine writing.

I have now extended my writing abilities into mediums like content writing, copywriting, scriptwriting, blog writing, and more. Literally, whatever content is your heart’s desire, I can write it. Check out some of my main areas of expertise as a freelance writer and drop me a line if you’re interested in working with me!

Magazine Writing in Colorado
When I graduated in 2013, I spent the following year as a contributing writer for the Pueblo PULP in Pueblo, Colorado. I wrote one feature article a month, each one focusing on events and desired destinations in the Southern Colorado area.

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Blog Writing in Colorado
Prior to joining the Peace Corps and moving to China in 2014, I started a blog and became a blog writer for the next three years (which is what you found here on this website) documenting my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in China.

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News Writing in Colorado
A freelance writer is an obvious choice for most editorials who need news covered. I interned with a music promotion company in New York called, PRO Motion Music News. Today I write for the Colorado Springs Gazette’s Pikes Peak Newspapers.

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Content Writing in Colorado
I’ve written content for over 30 clients a month and composed 5-10 pieces of SEO rich content. I create content through intense research of the topic if needed by you, while also including any keywords and phrases that are essential to optimizing the content.

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Copywriting in Colorado

I took on the role as the sole copywriter and scriptwriter for the agency. I’m well-versed in written script copy for clients in markets like automotive, carpet, medical, arts, and more. I also specialize in creating messaging and copy for digital and print media.

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Web Designers in Colorado
As a website designer, I am well-versed in platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace and I know how to get websites started for you if you don’t know where to begin. Follow the link below to see my portfolio of recent work and contact me to get started.

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Like What You See? Wait, There’s More!

To see some of my past work, check out my Online Portfolio here. You’ll find a wide variety of the work I’ve created including fully completed TV spots from the ad copy I have composed for TV and Radio ads. If you need a freelance writer, get in touch with me today by filling out the form for a free consultation! And if you need more of a background on me, visit the page about me.