Camping at Lone Rock Beach on the Border of Arizona and Utah

Last year I took a solo trip to Page, Arizona to kayak Antelope Canyon. It was a magical experience that I can’t wait to take my family and friends back to.

I went to Lone Rock Beach, which is situated on Lake Powell, and camped on the primitive campground on the border of Arizona and Utah. I went completely solo and had a great time out there. I was completely lack of cell service because they don’t use Verizon out there, and felt like my things would be safe and secure while I was away adventuring.

Lone Rock Beach was the perfect location for a solo traveler and for people looking to spend a short weekend getting away from it all. But there are some things you should know and prepare for before making your trip to Lone Rock Beach.

Lone Rock Beach is known for the massive rock protruding from the middle of the Lake Powell waters. It stands hundreds of feet high and is the only large rock of it’s kind in the area of the lake that stands out and in the middle of the waters, hence its name,

See my list of things to prepare for when visiting Lone Rock Beach on the border of Arizona and Utah.

Avoid Heavy Trafficked Weekends and Holidays

Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Alone

I went to Page, Arizona during Labor Day Weekend, and while the crowd wasn’t horrible, most everyone with big campers parked right on the bank, making it difficult for you to get your perfect Instagram shot. You might enjoy being around so many people, but avoiding crowded weekends may guarantee you a good and quiet spot during your stay.

It’s Very Hot

Find something to do during the day because pretty much anywhere in the area of Page, Arizona will be on fire, even during early September. If you go later in the year, you may catch some cooler weather. Those who bring a pop-up tent to cast some shade will be in good shape, and if you’re bringing your fur babies with you, this is a good idea for keeping their precious paws safe.

You’ll Pay a Camping and National Park Fee

You’ll pay about $14 a night staying at Lone Rock Beach plus a $30 vehicle park pass which is good for 1-7 days. You can view other fees and passes here if you don’t plan to bring a vehicle with you. As camping goes, you’re getting a deal, and much of where you’ll be exploring you’ll need a park pass anyways.

Primitive Camping Only

Solo Female Camping at Lone rock Beach

Lone Rock Beach is primitive camping which means you have flush toilets in the dune areas, and then a rinse shower and regular toilets at the campground info center. Be prepared to miss a few days of normal showers. Luckily, there is a huge body of water right next to you that you are welcome to bathe in. If you are a few hundred feet from the toilets, it’s recommended you bring a porta potty. They have law enforcement that makes sure you are following the rules.

Boats and Kayaks

During weekends where lots of people are staying at Lone Rock Beach, there are plenty of people out in their boats enjoying fishing, water skiing, and swimming. It creates a lot of boat traffic. If you’re lucky to go when the season is low, head over to Lake Powell Paddleboards and rent a kayak or paddleboard for the day. You can also take your boat and kayak across the beach and find a new or hidden place to camp for the weekend – just make sure to keep your things from falling out of your vessel. Also, boaters be aware of the whales (rocks that appear from underneath the water).

Lone Rock Canyon

Lone Rock Canyon is a bit of a hidden treasure and can be found only if you have a boat or a kayak. It’s on the other side of Lone Rock Beach. When you reach the canyon, you’ll see perfectly shaped holes cut out of the rock making a most wonderful an natural spectacle. If you can, venture deeper into the canyon to find opportunities to climb up above the rock to see incredible views. If you can make friends with the owner of a jet ski or boat, ask to hitch a quick tour to see it – that’s what I did. If you’re not comfortable making the journey alone, you can pay for a Lone Rock Canyon tour and see it without the stress of finding it.

You’re Close to Great Attractions

Not far from you, there is Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the Toadstools, and many other gorgeous land formations within an hours driving distance. This is definitely an outdoorsy type of vacation, so if you plan to go, plan to be outside most of your trip, whether you are hiking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, or camping out with your friends.

It’s Perfect For Reunions, Family Trips, and Friend Trips

Lone Rock Beach at Sunset

I enjoyed my solo trip to Lone Rock Beach and felt safe while I was there, but I also felt like many of my friends and family would have enjoyed an experience like this. They would’ve enjoyed kayaking, swimming, fishing, and late night camping. This is the perfect place to grab a cooler of drinks, roast some marshmallows and get a little closer to those who matter most.

Lone Rock Beach was the first place I went solo female camping. While I was worried that my items were in jeopardy at first, everyone was super friendly and as long as you keep a positive attitude, your things probably won’t be messed with. I can’t wait to go back!

For more on my trip to Antelope Canyon and Primitive Camping at Lone Rock Beach, visit my posts here! Have you stayed at Lone Rock Beach? Share your experience in the comments!