Books By Kelly Branyik

Books by Kelly Branyik

Kelly Branyik is not only the author and publisher of Travel Branyik, she is also a published author of helpful Peace Corps books. Kelly published her first book, It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps in August 2017. Shortly after, She began writing her second book, Wintersweet, which will be published in October 2019. These are Kelly’s first two Peace Corps books but she has much more to come (and not all of them are about Peace Corps, promise!). Below are her books about Peace Corps.

It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps

Your next best tool for a successful service is a simple guide to being the best that you can be during your next adventure abroad as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

It Depends: A Guide to Peace Corps is a book compiled of personal stories and stories from Peace Corps volunteers around the globe who have already completed their service. Inside you’ll learn about the unique journey I never knew was possible in Peace Corps and advice on how to make the absolute most of your service.

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Wintersweet: A Novel (Coming Oct. 2019)

From the day she made the decision, Kelly went through the tedious and unpredictable application process, not knowing where she would be placed to serve, and her internal battle with leaving her home and everything she knew. But to her surprise and terror, she discovered much more than everything she understood in the United States. Through learning to love herself, letting go of the past, and the loss of things she holds dear, her life on the other side of the world will make her reconsider all she has ever known and what the future holds.

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