9 Fun and Relaxing Things to do in Florence, Colorado

I grew up in Florence, Colorado, which is just two hours south of Denver in Southern Colorado. Florence sits at the base of the wet mountains and isn’t too far from the majestic Sangre de Cristos that dominate the Southern part of Colorado.

As a child, my mother was always making sure we were outside and actively doing things – meaning we ran through the town barefoot, played in ditches and fished out crawdads, and let our imaginations get the best of us at the local library and swimming pool. We had quite the childhood when it came to exploring our small little town of Florence.

When I was a kid, I could never see what was so cool about Florence, Colorado and always felt like there wasn’t much to do compared to Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or Denver. But after years of being away from home, Florence has grown to be quite the relaxing getaway you might need this weekend.

Today, Florence, Colorado is home to about 4,000 residents and has seen the working population and the number of residents choosing to settle here increase. For more stats on Florence, Colorado, go here.

Now, I won’t delay any longer, so below is my list of 9 fun and relaxing things to do in Florence, Colorado.

Get Your Fill of Antiquing

Florence is considered the Antique capital of Colorado because it is filled with delightful antique shops with one of a kind treasures you won’t find anywhere else. As a child, I remember many of these shops feeling more junktique, but they have since then turned around to be the luxury antiquing getaway you’ve been dreaming of.

Stop into Florence Brewing Company

Florence Brewing Company in Florence Colorado
Photo Credit Florence Brewing Company

This small brewery snuck into the hearts of the locals just three years ago when it took up shop in the old home of the Florence Citizen Newspaper. Florence Brewing Company is known for using local ingredients and has mastered unique tastes people from all over the nation journey to get to. They partner with local food trucks to bring delicious snacks to guests and even contribute a few of their own treats. Stop in for some trivia or attend one of their events hosted throughout the year!

Take a Tour of the Historical Rialto Theater

The Rialto Theater has been in the process of remodeling for decades, and progress has been slow up until a few years ago when they received a great deal of funding. The Rialto has seen a huge facelift meaning they are able to do shows inside now even with much of the work that still needs to be done. But if there are no shows playing, it’s still worth a tour of the place.

Visit One of their Gourmet Restaurants

For as small as Florence, Colorado is, they have a variety of tastes for whatever you’re craving during your stay. Visit the Aspen Leaf Bakery, Papa’s Restaurant, Ito’s Japanese, or Tumeric for a delightful meal and evening.

Get Virtual at Papa’s Restaurant

Papa’s Restaurant is a pizza place with some of the best pizza in Fremont County. But upstairs is where you’ll find a most unexpected activity. That’s right! Papa’s Restaurant is home to their very own Virtual Reality simulation and it’s quite spectacular too! So order up a pie, sit back and laugh at your friends trying to play Fruit Ninja.

Sip Locally Roasted Coffee From the Pour House

The Pour House Coffee Shop in Florence, Colorado
Photo Credit the Pour House

The Pour House has been around since I was a child, and the place hasn’t lost a single bit of its charm. Located in the heart of downtown, you’ll find a cozy coffee shop complete with its own roaster, All Good Things Coffee. Try some of their favorite roasts, a drip coffee, latte, and anything from their breakfast and lunch menu. The Pour House just recently received their liquor license and are now selling beer and wine during the evenings, which you can enjoy in their enclosed area outside.

Go Sky Diving

Just a few miles outside of Florence, Colorado, you can take a drive to the local airport (yes, we have an airport too) and do some skydiving. Reservations are recommended for this journey, but you can visit Skydive Colorado to set up your reservation. Get impressive views of all waves of mountains on either side of you and get your adrenaline pumping with this adventure from above.

Get Nude at the Desert Reef Hot Springs

The Desert Reef Hot Springs is a clothing optional hot springs just outside of Florence, Colorado. This is a great place to extend your already relaxing trip to Florence. Situated outside, this hot springs is open from Wednesday to Sunday and is even open during those pesky winter months. The water temperature is adjusted accordingly so it is easily enjoyed by everyone.

Stay at the Colorado Rose Bed and Breakfast

Florence Rose Bed and Breakfast in Florence, Colorado
Photo Credit the Florence Rose Bed and Breakfast

The Florence Rose is charming bed and breakfast located in Florence, Colorado just as you’re about to leave town toward Canon City. This is the perfect romantic setting for a couples getaway, complete with a hot homemade breakfast each morning of your stay and unlimited access to the hot tub and gazebo. Guests looking to get really romantic can choose to purchase a bottle of wine from the local Winery at the Holy Cross Abbey in Canon City or a bouquet of roses for their significant other.

Well, there you have it my friends, a list of the best things to do in my hometown of Florence Colorado. It’s the perfect getaway for couples, singles, and families. Come during any time of the year because everything is open year round!

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