7 Reasons Every Blogger Should Attend the Digital Summit Series

This past week, Denver hosted the Digital Summit at the Ellie Caukins Opera House. If you ever needed to further your skills in digital marketing, attend one of the Digital Summit Conferences taking place around the nation.

The Digital Summits are nothing short of AWESOME and I can say that in confidence because I went. It is a line up of the most impressive executives from top companies. And if you’re looking at the price tag of the event going, “this is too much,” seriously, it’s totally worth the big spend. What you learn in these conferences is more valuable than anything you could learn on your own.

I think this particular Digital Summit Series is useful to travel bloggers because it gives them way more insight on marketing which is a huge part of your blogging efforts. See their list of upcoming summits here.

So what are some other things you should know about the conference, other than geniuses are providing you with incredible knowledge,,, many of which are listed below. You’ll want to bring a big notepad or wipe your computer to get all of this information.

Soooo Many Network Opportunities

At the Denver Digital Summit, I overheard there were about 2,000 digital marketers in attendance. That is 2,000 more opportunities to make connections with you people you could bump into in the future. For every connection there could be an opportunity. Make sure to bring a lot of business cards and work on your elevator speech to make an impression.

Sponsors Galore

There are dozens of sponsors taking time out of their days to come visit the summit and sell their products. Flywheel, MailChimp, Send Grid, Genius Monkey, and so much more. Each one of them is a new opportunity to implement a product or service that could benefit your small blogging operation. Not everything will fit that tiny budget we all start out on, but it’s great knowing where your opportunities lie.

Collect Tons of Swag

Swag From the Digital Summit

After visiting with sponsors and exploring the opportunities for improvement using their services, be sure to collect a bunch of awesome swag. Popsockets, pens, cups, shirts, stickers, lip balm, stuffed animals, and literally tons of unique items sponsors creative come up with. I have enough T-shirts to get through a full week. Make sure to bring a good, and very empty backpack for all your treasures. Also talking to sponsors means you get a ticket for your chance to win raffle prizes, which I was fortunate enough to win an Amazon Fire Tablet!

Premium and Platinum Passes

Premium and Platinum Passes with the digital summit

Those who purchase premium and platinum to the Digital Summit passes get a whole lot more than any lower paying passes. You get priority seating, access to all audio track and slides of the lectures after the summit, and admission to masterclasses prior the event’s start.

Masterclass Workshops

If you are a premium or platinum pass holder, the first four hours of your first day with the summit will turn into a 4-hour workshop of your choosing. I chose the SEO workshop and discovered a variety of tools and knowledge that will make my website kick ass when it comes to blogging. Thank you, Mindy Weinstein!

Get the Sitch on Social Media

Lectures at the Digital Summit

We know social media is the 10 to gorilla we all want to tackle but don’t know how. We also know that we need social media to share our blogs and adventures. Luckily, this series touches heavily on social media, giving you valuable insights as to how it is evolving, how you can best use each platform, and so much more.

Teaches You How to Own Your Website

I don’t mean this monetarily, but many of us bloggers are not entirely website savvy and we don’t own our website like we should. We could use the extra little bit of direction to make sure what we’re doing with our website is bringing us the traffic we need. The Digital Summit features dozens of speakers who are pros on making you a website superhero. Get useful tools to audit your website’s performance, SEO techniques, design advice, you name it, and they have the knowledge for you.

Get Words of Wisdom From Amazing Keynotes

Scott Dikkers at the Denver Digital Summit

Alongside to the top executives who are skilled in their field, you get to listen to keynote speakers like Chelsea Handler or Scott Dikkers. You get their time for 45 minutes and included in that time is their stories of triumph as they worked from the ground up, which is a truly inspiring moment especially if you have ever felt hopeless in your ability to build your empire.

If you are aspiring to be a good blogger, this is a worthy investment. Chances are, you have already made severe investments in your blogging efforts, but attending this event will be a giant stepping stone to understanding the world of website design, optimization, social media management, advertising, networking and so much more! To learn more go to the Digital Summit Website.

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