4 of My Favorite Hot Springs In Colorado You Need To Visit

So I’m a little obsessed with going to hot springs in Colorado, whenever I have time to go that is. And over the past few years, I went to more hot springs than I did in my first 20 years of life. There are some pretty great hot springs out there and worth your visit. I have visited different corners of the state of Colorado to find the most relaxing hot springs. I still have plenty of places I’d like to visit on my list and promise to share them with you in the future.

Most of these are based on location, number of pools on the property, type of luxury, and their reputation. I love finding hot springs that are in spectacular locations with incredible scenery and I also love going to hot springs that have a variety of pools to choose from with different temperatures.

Keep in mind most of all of these hot springs charge for towels if you are paying for a day pass, so bring your own if you want to save a few bucks. So below are some of my favorite hot springs I’ve visited so far and they are sort of in order.

Pagosa Resort and Hot Springs – ($26 – $53)

Pagosa Hot Springs in Colorado
Photo Credit: Colorado.com

I LOVE Pagosa Hot Springs so much because it fits all of the criteria I search for when visiting a hot spring. Pagosa Hot Springs is located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and one of my favorite things about it is it’s attached to a resort, so you can stay overnight and the pools are a walk away from their room.

There are about 23 hot springs pools to choose from going up to temperatures of around 114 degrees. But Pagosa Hot Springs also has a quiet area for adults where you can go lounge and relax during your stay. Did I mention this hot springs is also on the banks of the San Juan River?

And if that isn’t enough for you, the location is conveniently next to quaint shops and restaurants that are a short walk to get to. And if the sky is super clear, you can get some stargazing in while you’re at it. Price ranges are dependant on what type of access you would like to the pools.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs – ($20 – $25)

Mount Princeton Hot Springs in Colorado
Photo Credit: Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Mount Princeton will always be a huge favorite of my hot springs to visit because it is located deep in mountainous areas near Buena Vista, Colorado making it a true escape from reality. One of my favorite things about this hot springs is there are pools situated in the river that runs alongside the hot springs facility. Water is pumped into the river and people who come to soak can rearrange the rocks to create their own perfect temperature for soaking.

Mount Princeton, like Pagosa Hot Springs, has a quiet adult side as well for those who would like a less playful and more mellow visit. Mount Princeton also has a variety of adorable cabins you can stay in for a true getaway experience. Visit Mount Princeton for the day ranges from $20-$25 depending on when you go during the week.

Cottonwood Hot Springs – ($20)

Cottonwood Hot Springs in Colorado
Photo Credit: Cottonwood Hot Springs

Don’t let the pictures of Cottonwood Hot Springs fool you, this place is cozy, you won’t believe it until you get there. So it’s not exactly the most glamorous place to visit as far as a hot spring goes, but if you are looking for a quiet and a little off the grid getaway, this is a great place to go. This is a non-sulfur hot spring and has about 4 different pools all with relatively similar temperatures.

You can soak for as long as you like during your day pass and afterward you can visit the sauna. This hot spring has a few little cabins on the property for you and an incredible gift shop with a variety of amazing zen items you can take home with you. This hot spring is located a short drive away from Buena Vista, Colorado.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs – ($20)

Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Colorado
Photo Credit: Iron Mountain Hot Springs

I went to Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado during my 30th birthday trip with escape campervans. I chose this hot springs instead of Glenwood Hot Springs because it is a little newer to the area. This hot springs is located on the Colorado River and has 18 pools to choose from.

Try and snag a space in the pool next to the river if you can, it is a popular pool to soak in. The facility is amazing and equipped with a delightful cafe full of healthy snacks and smoothies to bring your soothing experience full circle. This facility doesn’t have place to stay but there are plenty of options for you in town to choose from.

Some Reminders When Visiting a Hot Springs

I like to remind people that when they are visiting hot springs, especially those who are out-of-towners, that altitude sickness is a real thing and many hot springs are located in spots with higher altitudes. PLUS, you will be soaking in hot waters for many hours so please make sure you are drinking water and staying thoroughly hydrated.

Snacks are also a good idea if you are visiting any hot springs on a budget. Remember aslo, as I said before, to bring towels if you don’t want to pay any extra fees. I also like to bring a hat with me when I go just in case the sun is out during my visit, that way I don’t get sunburned while I’m soaking.

These are some of my favorite hot springs and my list is still growing! There are SO MANY locations I have yet to visit but will be taking a journey to shortly. So, what are your favorite hot springs in Colorado? Leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll visit them someday soon!